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“I have written two books published by Porcupine Press and they have been exceptional in understanding the theme and executing the publishing process of the books from beginning to end. They were involved from manuscript preparation to distribution of the finished product. The procedure has many facets from editing, proof reading, book design, cover design. Without reservation, I highly recommend them for their professionalism, sensitivity and commitment to producing books of a high standard. All personnel of Porcupine Press are highly motivated and committed to their profession. Above all, they are a pleasure to work with.”

Paula Fernandesauthor of The Mirror Breaks and The Illusion

“Having been warned by many not to use self-publishing companies, I was apprehensive about approaching Porcupine Press.  But from the first perusal of their no-nonsense website, and the first reassuring phone call, I have been impressed with their professionalism.  The staff at Porcupine are extremely hardworking, experienced, knowledgeable and upfront about what they do and do not offer.  They also use other professionals whose standards of editing, designing, printing etc. are high.  Having had my book published by Porcupine, I’m now on the exciting ride of marketing it with the company.  If you are a writer, I suggest you follow the same route.”

Meryl Urson, author of Way Out In India

“Working with Porcupine Press has been a delight. They have so far published two books of mine – a fat novel, and a non-fiction travel/memoir including photographs – and both results have been handsome finished items, sturdily bound, printed in easily readable script on good quality paper; altogether highly professionally-presented books. The service has on both occasions been swift and efficient, yet with all the work entailed all members of the firm have remained approachable, patient and helpful, with notably admirable service from their digital genius who somehow transformed my low-calibre point-and-shoot photos into high-calibre inserts, and the very thorough proof-reader who let no print error slip by. David, Gail Robbins have been particularly strong pillars to lean on throughout these exciting ventures, and I feel I can count all members of this commendable publishing house as friends.”

Lindsay Grattan-Cooper, author of Our Kind of Music and Remote

“In these tough economic times, the company that produced my book closed shop late in 2011. Fortunately Porcupine Press wanted to take me on as an author and we agreed to do a second edition of Grief’s Bounty. This stunning, professionally produced edition was formally launched on 31st May this year – a very special event for me as author because I didn’t have that experience or exposure with the first edition. I felt very special.”

Sandy Goulding, author of Grief’s Bounty

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