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The Empowered Mind Diet...

Want to feel empowered to become the best version of yourself? Congratulations on getting here! This book aims to do exactly that. Let your journey to wellness begin by exploring the powerful link between diet and the mind. What you eat can directly impact your mind and how your feel.

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GRIEF AND GRACE is the account of a six-month period in Tim Tucker’s life when he faced the unimaginable; losing his 38-year-old wife to a brain aneurysm.

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Lebitso Ramphore is a modern ambitious woman living a 'perfect' life with a dream home, husband and children.

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Nelson Mandela, first commander of the armed struggle against the apartheid regime in South Africa, buried a gun at his secret hideout shortly before he was betrayed by the CIS and captured by the South African police.

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New Cities New Economies -...

Given the fact that the engineering of apartheid society was highly geographic, any serious attempt at building a new society has to examine spatial distortions in
South Africa.

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Kaleidoscope - Absurdly...

A lot can happen when a comfortable American lifestyle is purposely disrupted. The author was a middle-aged, conservative, Christian, Midwestern mom who embarked on an unexpected journey when she questioned her faith, left suburbia and moved across the world in search of a transformative spirituality.

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The Trouble With My Aunt by...

When an unplanned pregnancy threatens to turn the life of 32-year-old, single, careerwoman Leah Fine upside down, she fears her own child may be impaired, just like her aunt.

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My Blood Divides and Unites...

I am a Coloured woman of South Africa. The blood flowing through me was despised by apartheid, for it was not pure and it was not White. Because of this, I struggled with feelings of self-doubt and shame.

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My Cousin’s Cousin -...

My Cousin’s Cousin delves into South Africa at a crossroads, potentially explosive and destined for change. In My Cousin’s Cousin we see how the different members of an extended family form their differing beliefs and how their journey across the volatile political landscape of the sixties through to the nineties brings them into conflict with each other and the regime.

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Your Environment - The Best...

The book is about conducting personal audit and reorganising your personal financial goals. It is about planting a knowledge seed and evolving your knowledge catalogue.

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