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The Priest and the Gondolier

This is a fascinating new novel by Mervyn Nel. Venice experiences a series of art heists. Paintings are stolen from museums and art galleries. Chief Superintendent Gina Rosi of the Italian Police, and Harry Wilson, an art expert who does freelance work for Interpol in the United Kingdom, are commissioned to investigate.

As their investigation deepens, Harry suspects that someone in Gina’s department is providing the thieves with confidential information. Though they are often in agreement on how to take the investigation further, at times they see things differently.

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The Adventures in the...

"I was following Royal Dal," John said.

"Why?" Rose asked out of curiosity.

"I don't trust him," he admitted. "I haven't told anyone of my suspicions, because I felt like no one would believe me... And telling by your face, I was right…"


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Ships, Sleighs and...

Snow-covered trees, twinkling lights and sleighs - these remind us of Christmas. But what about sunlit hills, an ancient lighthouse or a wooden ship at sea.

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Gags, Quirks and Facts

This is an unusual little book. In a South Africa in economic trouble with daily power outages and a 60% youth unemployment rate, we might think there’s not much to smile about. Don’t you believe it!

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From Journeys to Words -...

Here are two Ugandan women, both of whom married European diplomats – one representing Belgium and the other France – and as a consequence both found themselves committed to unusual lives as wives and mothers – from the shores of the tiny Comoros Islands, through the restless streets of Beirut and Dhaka, to the gigantic Middle Kingdom of China.


This delightful book is a collection of Pearl and Julie’s personal stories on their journey as expat spouses. They have “Bonjour’d”, “Ni Hao’d”, “Kemon Achen’d” and “Salaam Alaikum’d” their way through a fascinating variety of countries, bypassed some pesky firewalls, ordered food in languages they don’t speak, tasted a few quirky meals, and survived some dodgy economic and political crises.


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After Birth - A mother’s...

Here’s a book for all new mothers and their caregivers. It is a practical manual of self-care for a woman after having a baby. It includes chapters on: Breast-feeding, Healthy Eating, Recipes, Herbal Medicine and much more. It also includes full-colour postnatal exercise sequences in Yoga, Bellydance and Qigong, to help mothers get back in shape. There are further chapters on Natural Remedies for common health problems experienced after birth, as well as on Postpartum Happiness to keep the baby blues away.  

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A Wound Unhealed - Does...

The war between Israel and the people of Palestine is one of the great tragedies of our time,’ writes Professor Anthony Balcomb, a Senior Research Associate in the School of Religion, Philosophy, and Classics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Arguably, an even greater tragedy is the inability of many Christians – certainly those who subscribe to the views of Christian Zionism – to see the frequently brutal injustices and human-rights abuses being meted out by ‘God’s chosen people’.

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Tiseke - My Family’s Many...

What child does not love being read to at bedtime? Make time, Mom and Dad. This is a lovely story for parents to share with young children. It’s about Tiseke, a seven-year-old with a South African mother and a Zimbabwean father

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The Adventures in The...

Here’s a fast-moving story about John, a 12-year-old who loved adventure – and found almost more than he could handle as he travels through the magical forest to find the Golden Castle and bring justice to a troubled people.

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