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Taj Mahal And Tea


A funny, heartfelt adventure of selfies, surprises and self-realisation that will inspire and  and delight you. Discover how change can occur at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways and how a disciplined, successful, corporate CEO ended up having an uninhibited, life-altering grand adventure in a country of chili and chai.

Experience the light and colour of Diwali and Holi celebrations and marvel at the vibrant history, architecture and culinary delights of India. An enlightening and uplifting celebration of the bonds of friendship and life in all its diversity.


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My Family of Superheroes

This profusely illustrated children's book is about self-belief. It tells the story of an ordinary family discovering their super powers. Join Precious, the young daughter, on her journey as she stumbles and falls, conquers her fears, finds courage, and discovers the superhero that has always been inside her.

‘This story serves,’ the author’s dedication says, ‘as a tool to introduce the concept of positive affirmations to children. This will develop their courage and boost their self-confidence with the aim of bringing forth the greatness which they are destined for. As you read the story to children, you are reminded of this invaluable tool.’ What’s this tool? Every morning, say to yourself: ‘I am strong, I am capable, I am enough, I can do anything with the power in inside.’

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Rags to Well-being: The...

This book delivers a simple fresh, and non-prescriptive approach to self-discovery, self-improvement and sefl-development.  Discover  the importance of defining your identity, your core values and your life's purpose. Arm yourself with the insights and the tools needed to make these discoveries. Find a dynamic framework to help you plan your life for success and happiness - and prosperity.

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Theft From Delos

An accounts executive, Michael, travels to Greece, as the ideal location to translate a nineteenth-Century diary written by a French archaeologist. Unbeknown to him, the Aegean islands have recently experienced a horrific crime. During the theft of five ancient statues from the sacred island of Delos, fourteen archaeologists were murdered. 

As a consortium of international agents carry out their investigation into the stolen statues, Michael finds himself an innocent participant, not only in their enthralling investigation but also in a kidnapping. It is a world that is foreign to him; a world fraught with intrigue and deception.



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Through My Eyes

 A autobiography of a veteran politician and a girl, who takes you on a journey from small town life in a southern African colonial city to serving as a Member of the South African Parliament for 20 years, reinventing herself along the way to be fit for purpose.

This is a conversation about how life and politics relate to ones beliefs and vice-versa but it is also a call to people everywhere to choose hope and reject fear. 

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The Accidental Frontline...

Television came late to apartheid South Africa. By the early 1980s the state-owned broadcaster was ready to expand the network to include the black majority. There were sound economic and propagandist reasons for this.  Msibi was among those recruited to be trained as technicians, journalists, and cameramen. The irony was that this enterprise coincided with the sustained popular uprising that finally led to the end of white minority rule. So the new generation of black television journalists went back into their own townships and ‘homelands’ to record, like no-one else could, the rising resentment and the reciprocal repressions that characterised large swathes of the country in the 1980s and early 1990s.

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Manifesting Motherness:...

This book is the autobiographical account of the author’s experience of infertility. After four years of failed fertility treatments,  the author conceived naturally at 45 years old and had a ealthy baby.  She describes the processes and practices she believes helped her to heal emotionally, psychologically and physically as well as the spiritual beliefs that informed this healing. It is written with sensitivity but without undue emotion and is well-researched and referenced; in parts, the style is funny and self-deprecating. 

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The Dusty Road to Success

The desire to succeed and live an impactful life is embedded in every human being. Many if us seek, daily, to find the secret to success and satisfaction in this life.  As much as we have  heard teachings, sermons and even read books that try to tackle this issues, there is still a gap in many people that calls for a simple and easy-to-follow procession as to how one can live a satisfying, purpose-driven, unique and impactful life.  This book expounds on this process with simple principles that bring a new, integrated and practical approach in answering how one CAN live an extraordinary life of fullfillment  with a lasting legacy.

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Again is a love story depicting a growing relationship between two people in their sixties, who are in the process of overcoming loss. Erin is a widow and Francis, a divorcee.

Still bruised by their pasts, they find each other in unlikely circumstances. Although different  people, both seek lightness, warmth and humour in their lives. Slowly and tentatively, they establish a connection which deepens despite initial doubts.

It is a story of loneliness, longing and letting go. It focuses on being open to new experiences and the healing, creative power of new love and human sexuality during one’s advanced years.

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Harnessing the Thunder


 Covid-19 amplified the seismic rumblings of South Africa’s divided society. Out of the limelight and away from corruption scandals, a vast network of civil society organisations mobilised as the pandemic approached. They harnessed the thunder, directing attention to people who are usually not seen or heard – compelling the nation to take a long, hard look at itself.


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What if I had told you that the mechanism of your brain is like plasticine and could be moulded to your own unique set of beliefs and hence abilities? Could you afford not to even try to step into a new reality? Would you dare?

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