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This beautifully written memoir tells the almost unbelievable story of a South African boy who got as far as Grade 8 in his township primary school, and then hit a glass ceiling. Only through the intervention of a caring Catholic Father was he able to continue with his education. This same township boy recently retired from the University of South Africa as a professor emeritus in Systematic Theology and Theological Ethics. Between these two important events lies a life of extraordinary academic achievement in the United States and deep thinking about his native country. He has written four books, the most influential being The theory and Practice of Black Resistance to Apartheid: A Social-Ethical Analysis. which was later republished in America as Challenge to Apartheid.

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In not-for-profit organisations, everyone wants to be a leader, but nobody wants to be held accountable. Many persons who accept being nominated and getting elected as lay leaders in the Anglican Church, fail the test of accountability, dedication and trustworthiness to fulfil their responsibilities as churchwardens and/or parish councilors. 

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This is an important must-read book. This novel is about a natural disaster and human corruption and mixes fact with fiction. The framework is about a family escaping the mammoth floods that swept across the northern provinces of South Africa in the year 2000. Within this action-packed framework, the deeper intent of the book soon becomes apparent. The message is in the characters.

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This book presents the reader with powerful ideas and some basic principles you need to ‘to get out of any financial situation’ and thrive. Are you tired of being shackled by debt? Asks the author. Do you feel that your finances are constantly slipping in and out of your control? Are you ready to start building wealth and seeing real results in your quest for financial freedom? Read about the strategies, the habits, and above all the attitude, that are necessary to change that essential relationship we all have with money from one that is stressful to one of greater control and prosperity.  

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This is an easy-to-read book explaining Christianity as it was meant to be, from a biblical perspective. It was written with an understanding of the cynicism expressed by many of the intellectual class, and therefore written with an unbiased analysis of the origin of the Bible and Christianity, including the emergence of doctrines over time. The book further explains scripture on a factual basis, without any personal interpretations outside of the written Word of God.

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The world of wealthy families & family offices is filled with complexities & changing variables. However, the principles of creating & maintaining wealth for the family remain a constant. What should also be part of that constant is the defined higher purpose of the family to navigate the terrain of opportunities that wealth brings & how a difference can be made in humanity. The current plethora of literature tends to be geographically focused on the United States. In this guide, we endeavor to be as inclusive as possible, to be internationally encompassing & to capture other parts of the world by using examples we & our peers have encountered in the international arena. The topics covered in this guide are varied but are all rooted in issues relevant to wealthy families.

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Anglo Boer War Blockhouses...

A Field Guide, a companion to Anglo-Boer War Blockhouses, is an extensive review of the blockhouses left standing in South Africa. A first-of-its-kind guide, it can be used for virtual visits to learn more about these military structures, or to get ‘boots on the ground’. Its aim is to put the blockhouse sites on the battlefield tour map & to encourage guides & amateurs alike to explore them in detail.

The guide acts as a record of the current condition of the sites, sadly having been ravaged by human destruction & the effects of weather. Thirty of them are protected by government legislation which has proved in-effective. One day this guide may be the sole source of reference to an aspect of our national heritage that we are in danger of failing to preserve.

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Anglo Boer War –...

Anglo Boer War – Blockhouses – A Military Engineer’s Perspective is a fresh look at how the construction of over 9,000 fortifications during the Boer War sought to change its course. From tracing the British Army’s use of blockhouses prior to the war, to what conditions where like for the “Tommy” fighting in these structures. 

The ’blockhouse strategy’ used by Lord Kitchener during the Guerrilla Phase of the war is examined as part of the wider strategy used to bring the war to its conclusion. Through detailed analysis and the lens of military expertise, the author finally answers the question: “Did the blockhouses win the war?” or were they merely the strategy of a “Blockhead?”

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Donk and the Stubborn Donkeys

Another in the series of children's books by the best-selling author who hails from Zambia. Donk and the stubborn donkeys tells the story of a frustrated farmer who kept shouting at his donkeys because they were so stubborn. One of the younger donkeys - his name was Donk - became curious. Why are we so stubborn? This was the question he asked his older brothers, then his older sisters, but received no satisfactory replies. Then he met the fairy donkey who had wings and could fly and do loop-da-loops. After a lengthy conversation the fairy donkey gave a very wise reply, then flapped his wings and was gone. But what did the fairy donkey say which so satisfied young Donk? You'll have to read the book to find out. 

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Tilly and the Turtle

Tilly didn't think about what happened when she dropped her plastic lollipop stick on the ground - not until she saw the turtle at the beach. This delightfully illustrated cautionary tale describes Tilly's carefree life on a lovely summer day. After school she goes snorkeling with a friend. On the way to the beach they buy lollipops and Tilly throws her stick carelessly on the ground. But later on the beach they stand and watch some older boys trying to remove a plastic spoon that had somehow got stuck in the turtles nose. Tilly is not slow to make the connection between the spoon and her lollipop stick. From that moment on, she becomes a fervent conservationist, regularly helping to pick up the mountains of litter that beachgoers always seem to leave so thoughtlessly on the sand. 

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Absorbing too much of the...

What do you do when your son tries to strangle your husband? Only the author of this remarkable book has a ready answer for that. She takes the reader along for a frequently shocking life - affirming ride. It describes a wife and mother's journey into her son's mental illness. Her story allows us to see that recovery is not a neat, linear path, but instead a convoluted and complicated daily journey. 'In sharing her adversities and how she coped,' comments Kendal Brown, 'maybe we can draw some lessons from this brave lady to be better prepared for the lemons life all to often hands us.'

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An Unbreakable Woman - Your...


A life filled with 1 challenge after another often seems like good enough reason to quit. But that wasn't the case for Natasha - a woman who literally turned around at death's door & defied all the odds to become a pillar of strength & beacon of hope to many. An Unbreakable Woman is an inspirational memoir filled with emotion, vulnerability, grit & determination. It is a journey of hope & reflection which will leave you believing that better days are ahead, even when you have reached the end of the road. As you experience Natasha's journey you will be inspired to keep faith as you trust God to bring his plan for your fulfilment. 

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