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TV NEWS 3.0 - An insider’s...

Television news – which has played a crucial role in the world’s most momentous events, from wars and royal weddings to mankind’s first steps on the moon – is in the midst of a digital-fueled revolution. In the early years, TV news was monopolised by large corporations and state broadcasters, who controlled what went on air and when. Then technological advances in the 1980s enabled billionaires like Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch to muscle in and beam 24-hour news channels across the world via cable and satellite.

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Timothy’s Tomatoes by Cath...

Timothy’s Tomatoes is a storybook for children about a competition at school to see who will grow the best vegetables.

A few of the key themes in the book deal with:

   feelings of disappointment and failure

   having the courage to believe in yourself when it appears as if the odds are against you

   looking at the small things in life and enjoying them to the maximum


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This book tells the story of the Wauchopes, a Xhosa family who rose to prominence in  the late 18th and early 19th centuries through the exploits of their patriarch, the Reverend Isaac Williams Dyobha Wauchope. Although this talented and restless man died heroically when serving as chaplain the troopship SS Mendi sank in 1917 after a collision off the Isle of Wight, taking more than 600 black South African troops to their deaths, it Is his life and work prior to his military service with which this book is concerned. 

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A Controversial HIV/Aids programme, loveLife, began in the final few months of 1999 when South Africa’s epidemic was rampaging through the country’s young people, leaving millions dead. In 2019, after 20 years of sustained effort, the organisation is still going strong, but with some significant differences in approach. Large-scale American funding had been guaranteed for five years and was provided for ten. The famous billboards that had characterised the first decade disappeared for economic reasons for the second.

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MISSING JESUS - Finding the...

You will love how this guidebook leads you on the exciting journey of getting to know Jesus better. You will come to appreciate the relevance of Jesus to all dimensions of life today – inclusive of the social, spiritual, economic, political, relational and ecological realities. John Wessels has consistently developed and taught the contents of this guidebook in courses since the year 2000. Over the years since then he has often re-written, enlarged and refined the guidebook. Now, nineteen years after the start of this project, he has decided it is ready for publication.

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Of course you want to be successful. Everybody does! But have you ever taken the time to think and establish what, exactly, this concept of success means to you? This has to be the starting point, for you can never attain anything in life without first being absolutely clear on what that ‘thing’ is. Many of us jump onto the traditional bandwagon which has been created and perpetuated by society in general, where a good job; a good salary; a nice house; a nice car etc. are the things we chase, often mindlessly, in order to be considered successful. In other words, money (and the things it can buy) equals success.



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I Smell them in the...

THE HUMAN MIND IS A POWERFUL THING. On the outside, Ella Flemings is a tough, sassy young woman who seems to have a perfect life but beneath the façade is a woman who is desperately seeking her past and her identity. While Ella is battling the demons in her head, she unexpectedly finds love but she cannot find peace until the tragedy she buried deep within her is unleashed. 

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I am Pregnant - Business,...

Pregnancy is one of life’s greatest miracles and it carries valuable life lessons and strategies that can help you realize your full potential. Join Dr. Kula as he traces the journey of pregnancy from desire to conception; from early development to giving birth and ultimately to cutting of the umbilical cord.

Dr. Kula uses his many years of experience as a medical doctor to decode what the various stages of pregnancy mean for your personal, business and leadership development.

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BYBELTYD by Jeannine van...

This book is written with emphasis on reading and exploring the Bible as the leading guide for everyday questions in challenging times. The months and weeks of the year

become the background for using the Bible as a guide for life. Through different time orientations, guidance is provided for a relevant application in daily life. This book is

relevant to any age and gender, and to everyone seeking truth and assurance from a biblical perspective.

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A Feather’s Tale by...

A feather’s journey starts when it becomes detached from its source, the Blue Crane - South Africa’s National bird. Eleven-year-old author, Ammaarah, uses her imagination to describe the feather’s journey through the African savannah. The feather symbolizes the commonality of all the elements of nature: existence.

Where will the feather end up?

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