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Memoirs are stories told by one of the characters involved. They are meant to be ‘true’ in that they relate to an actual person’s experience. Biographies are similar, except that they are written by a third party, the biographer. South Africa is big on memoirs at the moment, perhaps largely because for so long people have felt ‘bottled up’ but are now much more able to see value in their experiences and to express them. This is an exciting time in local literature.

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Life is not a rehearsal by...

Medical Memoirs of a small town South African Doctor. This book is dedicated to anyone who is a patient, who has been a patient or who may become a patient. In fiction stories and characters are created by man, but patients are God’s creations.

To those waiting in doctor’s rooms with pimples and painful wounds, sniffing and sneezing to mommies with new born babies and grannies who tell bedroom stories to little children. To the sick, lame and lazy, to those with tics and those who are maimed or crazy, I share these memories in the hope and belief, that they will give you an understanding of a family practitioner’s life in small town South Africa.

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My Blood Divides and Unites...

I am a Coloured woman of South Africa. The blood flowing through me was despised by apartheid, for it was not pure and it was not White. Because of this, I struggled with feelings of self-doubt and shame. ‘Now, a quarter century after the fall of apartheid, I understand there is much beauty and value in my blood. I am the product of newcomer and native, slave master and slave, of White and Black, of German and Jew, and more.

I am a reflection of countless conflicts and contradictions – yet my blood unites me.

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My Boss The Bully - Human...

The journey of Pam is sure to send chills to many working professionals and cause self-introspective uneasiness to any person in a managerial position. My Boss, the Bully, is a must-read for any Human Resources practitioner and leader in business. It is packed with chilling revelations on corporate maladies and how shareholders can be duped when they place the wrong people in leadership positions. The book also provides important lessons on how to survive bully bosses and create the best possible Human Resources environment.

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Private Excavations -...

Private Excavations is superb travel writing with a profoundly important purpose. It is also a very necessary book for our rapidly polarising global village.

A journey through snow-clad northern Europe uncovers the fateful impact of a ‘one-truth’ vision of the world. By using as a platform important Scandinavians (writer August Strindberg and Advard Munch) the author explores absolutist thinking in its various religious and political guises. His fluid style blends evocative description with philosophy and history (especially art history) and persuades the reader towards a more humane understanding of existence. The extremists deny this point of view, content instead to seek salvation from an unacceptable world via their one-truth dogmas.

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So Send I You - Finding the...

This book charts a remarkable woman’s engagement with deep rural communities in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province – and in particular with the high numbers of brain-damaged children left stranded in huts all over the foothills of the great Drakensberg Mountains.

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The Gods Who Fell From the...

A soul that is afraid of dying has never learned to live … This is the precept by which Dick Mawson has lived his adventurous life. He was born in England during the Second World War. With his parents he crash landed into southern Africa where he grew up.

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The Race That Measures It...

This book is a poignantly personal tale of two brothers’ journeys to becoming some of the youngest participants to race and finish the ABSA Cape Epic, after suffering life threatening accidents. It is an inspiring story, written in a casual and easy-to-read style that gives the reader a behind the scenes view of what goes on in the hardest bicycle race on earth.

The book illustrates Neil Fourie’s personal story of dealing with, and overcoming adversity after breaking his back at a South African National Mountain biking event.

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This book tells the story of the Wauchopes, a Xhosa family who rose to prominence in  the late 18th and early 19th centuries through the exploits of their patriarch, the Reverend Isaac Williams Dyobha Wauchope. Although this talented and restless man died heroically when serving as chaplain the troopship SS Mendi sank in 1917 after a collision off the Isle of Wight, taking more than 600 black South African troops to their deaths, it Is his life and work prior to his military service with which this book is concerned. 

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The Yogi Who Sold His...

Greg Margolis (founder of NYPD Security) was for decades intimately involved in dealing with ‘random victims’ of crime or conflict, whether the victim was an individual, a family or even someone close to the victim(s), in many instances if they  could, they often chose to leave the country ‒ this included the vast majority of Greg's extended family. 

But Greg embodied the antithesis of a victim mentality – and chose to stay in SA, founding a non-profit security company in the late 90's, which then later expanded and evolved into a commercial security service provider in Johannesburg.

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What Genius Wrote This?...

A brisk and highly readable account of the author's adventures in journalism, spanning more than half a century. Richard McNeill grew up in South Africa but his career took him from Johannesburg to New York and London, where he spent 20 years on the Daily Express. “As it turned out, becoming an Editor with a capital E was the best thing that never happened to me,” he writes. Instead he enjoyed a life of “enormous satisfaction” as a reporter, foreign correspondent, sub-editor, feature writer, magazine publisher, editorial consultant and celebrity profiler, while also pursuing his passion for typographical design.

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What I Wore Being Black and...


‘My struggles with mental illness were in some ways like a child crying out for attention; more than that they were a cry for help from the mind I felt trapped in. There was a darkness in me that many times swallowed me whole.’

This is how Keamogetswe Bopalamo introduces her account of her troubled early life. It is an intensely personal account, and yet it speaks to a reality much broader than itself. In the exciting whirl of South Africa’s post-apartheid society, there is this darker side: the confusions, the fears, the rebellions, the degradations and emotional pain.

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When Christmas Trees were...

Growing up in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa in the 1950’s and 1960’s the emphasis on the way of life was completely different to the present day some nearly 70 years later.

He writes of his reminiscences of his school days and especially his involvement in sport which was compulsory. Many of life’s lessons were learnt young on the rugby or cricket fields.

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