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How to find the real you. What’s the purpose of your life? Improve your relationships. Know your rights. Find joy and fulfilment in family life. There’s no shortage of sages with many interesting ideas. 

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We are all here by Sbu Ngubane

This book provides perspectives that bring home the reality that amidst the gamut of challenges that we may be going through, someone else is also going through the same, if not worse. When we are overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of life, what

tends to plunge us into an abyss of hopelessness is a feeling of solitude, a feeling that we are all by ourselves and no one can relate.

The book rekindles hope and equips the reader to discover a different meaning to life and start seeing life, things and events through the eye of meaningful purpose, while their faith is being restored through the healing nuggets shared in this book.

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Traversing the Avalanche: A...

When on an expedition to the summit of a great mountain, the last sound you want to hear is the ‘whumph’ under your feet – the tell-tale sign that an avalanche is about to descend. In that moment you realise that the sudden and devastating shift in snow may just destroy you.

In business, an avalanche could be a sudden or unexpected business catastrophe that threatens to destroy everything you have created. Or it could be the potential for disaster that you face when trying to reach the next level of success; a step up that perhaps requires more than you can currently give.

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Transforming Mrs to Ms - A...

DIVORCE IS THE MOST STRESSFUL JOURNEY … We’re forced to search into the deepest corners of our hearts to rediscover ourselves.

At 24, the author was a single mother struggling to survive while she went through her own divorce. Her ordeal left her bruised but it did not break her.

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Thank you, Poverty by...

The author was just like many other children who grew up with nothing and felt that the world was against them.

Hearing hurtful words like, ’you will be nothing in life’, made him realise how cruel the world could be. But in response he kept these powerful words in mind:


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Success is a Demanding...

This book is inspired by the struggles the author has seen young people being subjected to in his neighbourhood and around his country; from all sorts of abuse to murdering and killing each other. The book was inspired by seeing the amount of mediocrity to which the youth of the country is subjecting itself and to help extinguish the resultant turmoil.

This book aims to motivate, encourage and empower young, ambitious people who think that their background determines their success. The book proves this wrong by exploring and breaking down the nature of success to its core. It will help the reader to revolt against the ordinary and pursue the extraordinary.

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Senseless Sacrifice by...

Senseless Sacrifice - Givers and Takers in Relationships - is a treasure trove of true stories written by women from diverse cultures about the difficulties experienced in their relationships.

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Over the (Hill) Moon - A...

Positive ageing is about maintaining physical, emotional, social and spiritual health as we age. It is about joy, love, learning, adapting, acceptance and continued connectedness.

Over the Moon is about breaking out of old patterns of thinking and being, and taking charge of your life and ageing process. It is never too early or too late to make positive changes.

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New Confident Africa by...

A New Confident Africa is a razor-sharp critique that dissects the malignancy of neo-colonialism that has crippled the continent. The contention is that the people of Africa, in the name of modernisation, have adopted fatal morals thus shredding the  fabric that defines Africa’s growth and development.

Here the Author is outright that foreign religions, values and attitudes have left the Africans in the crossroads ready to take any route to unknown destinations.

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Master your Reactions - A...

When you can master the way you deal with the world around you, you will undergo massive change, and move towards a state where you start to see the bigger picture of life on Earth, and enter a process of enhancement of your capabilities which will lead you to a more enlightened existence.

The book at first analyses the origins of our nature, in order to better understand oneself. It also sets out the potentials available to us, as well as the possibilities that we have in changing our lives.

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Live & Lead - Discover your...

Intrigued by the question, ‘How do you prepare a leader for a path that he will travel only once?’ Coen Bester set out on a discovery journey to find a credible solution to this challenge. Inspired by the power and elegance of the modern day GPS, he came up with the human equivalent of a GPS – the Personal Guidance System, or PGS. He takes the reader along a fascinating journey of self-discovery as he puts the device together in true engineering fashion. 

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