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Robbie the Raven and Debbie...

Here’s a new take on the classic Bible story of Noah and the great floods that spread across the world. This version is told from the point of view of the two birds who play key roles in the story. The birds are Robbie the raven and Debbie the dove. 

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Ships, Sleighs and...

Snow-covered trees, twinkling lights and sleighs - these remind us of Christmas. But what about sunlit hills, an ancient lighthouse or a wooden ship at sea.

Price R217.39

The Adventures in the...

"I was following Royal Dal," John said.

"Why?" Rose asked out of curiosity.

"I don't trust him," he admitted. "I haven't told anyone of my suspicions, because I felt like no one would believe me... And telling by your face, I was right…"


Price R208.70

The Adventures in The...

Here’s a fast-moving story about John, a 12-year-old who loved adventure – and found almost more than he could handle as he travels through the magical forest to find the Golden Castle and bring justice to a troubled people.

Price R191.30

The adventures of Malawi -...

Malawi is an average, misunderstood teenager until a reckless accident in a science lab turns her whole life upside down.

She finds herself floating out of windows, wearing heavy shoes and training alongside the Bizzaro Alliance , a select (and special) group of super heroines fighting against crime and injustice.

Join Malawi and her friends on the adventure of a lifetime.

Price R104.35

The Rushing Dark by...

Four teenagers investigating a catacomb that has appeared at the back of a giant Johannesburg cemetery unleash an ancient evil bent on bringing the Apocalypse. Armed only with their wits and with a little help from a mystery man, the four take on a dangerous mission that will change their lives forever.

Price R169.57

Tilly and the Turtle

Tilly didn't think about what happened when she dropped her plastic lollipop stick on the ground - not until she saw the turtle at the beach. This delightfully illustrated cautionary tale describes Tilly's carefree life on a lovely summer day. After school she goes snorkeling with a friend. On the way to the beach they buy lollipops and Tilly throws her stick carelessly on the ground. But later on the beach they stand and watch some older boys trying to remove a plastic spoon that had somehow got stuck in the turtles nose. Tilly is not slow to make the connection between the spoon and her lollipop stick. From that moment on, she becomes a fervent conservationist, regularly helping to pick up the mountains of litter that beachgoers always seem to leave so thoughtlessly on the sand. 

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Timothy’s Tomatoes by Cath...

Timothy’s Tomatoes is a storybook for children about a competition at school to see who will grow the best vegetables.

A few of the key themes in the book deal with:

   feelings of disappointment and failure

   having the courage to believe in yourself when it appears as if the odds are against you

   looking at the small things in life and enjoying them to the maximum


Price R104.35

Tiseke - My Family’s Many...

What child does not love being read to at bedtime? Make time, Mom and Dad. This is a lovely story for parents to share with young children. It’s about Tiseke, a seven-year-old with a South African mother and a Zimbabwean father

Price R256.52