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The Rushing Dark by...

Four teenagers investigating a catacomb that has appeared at the back of a giant Johannesburg cemetery unleash an ancient evil bent on bringing the Apocalypse. Armed only with their wits and with a little help from a mystery man, the four take on a dangerous mission that will change their lives forever.

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The Curse and the Cup by...

The Curse and the Cup is a harrowing story of unpaid karmic debt, of the dark, unvanquished consequences of apartheid that continue to exact revenge and cripple dreams till today. On an ill-fated day in 1991, Vuyisa Lingani and his son Manga, legendary left-arm spinners who couldn't play international cricket for South Africa because they were black, die within hours of each other in a bizarre tragedy.

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Little Santa: The Prophecy...

Little Santa – The Prophecy – “Something is about to happen. Something big I can feel it.”

Santa finally gets his wish. He is about to find out about The Prophecy. His Prophecy. The question is, will he like what he hears? Will he fulfil it?

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Landslide by Arthur Sithole

Part memoir, part fact, part truth, certainly part of a blueprint to my greatest transformation Landslide not only documents an evolution towards a higher understanding, but is fundamentally, an account born of its own accord; when the truth about my life collided with the weight of my adversity.

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Betrayed. A novel about...

Corruption in South Africa has reached epidemic levels and threatens the lives of all citizens. Global Financial Integrity (a research and advocacy organisation based in Washington DC) said in a report that South Africa had suffered an illegal outflow of R185-billion due to corruption in the public sector between 1994 and 2008. It is estimated that in 2009 government corruption totalled R70-billion (News24, 8 May 2012)

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Little Santa: The Secret in...

Little Santa – The Secret in the Woods – There is a secret in the dark woods. A turn of unfortunate events at the hands of a school bully, land Santa and his best friend Rudolph smack dab in the centre of the woods. They are about to discover its well-kept secret. Will it bring more misfortune or good luck?

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Life is not a rehearsal by...

Medical Memoirs of a small town South African Doctor. This book is dedicated to anyone who is a patient, who has been a patient or who may become a patient. In fiction stories and characters are created by man, but patients are God’s creations.

To those waiting in doctor’s rooms with pimples and painful wounds, sniffing and sneezing to mommies with new born babies and grannies who tell bedroom stories to little children. To the sick, lame and lazy, to those with tics and those who are maimed or crazy, I share these memories in the hope and belief, that they will give you an understanding of a family practitioner’s life in small town South Africa.

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Oblique Light by David Robbins

This is prizewinning author David Robbins’ twentieth book. Oblique Light is a collection of long short-stories set in Scotland and dealing with the alienation and amorality of self-imposed exile.

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Yesterday I cried by Sbu...

In this book, Sbu takes you on a journey of spiritual, psychological and emotional catharsis. One that begins with getting into your shoes and mapping out a universe of life’s ordeals that has left you broken and shattered.

He rekindles hope by walking you through a series of perspective-altering antidotes. The book takes you from the valley of tears to a place of refreshing springs.

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The Pursuit of life by...

These stories are about humanity in action and are characterised by a sparkling literary style.

They tell about love and hate, the persecution of children, the joys and clumsiness growing up, memory, bereavement, and the triumphs and sorrows of old age.

There is plenty of irony and humour in the telling, but also moments of real tragedy where, in a few words, the enormity of the situation is given life and, we are told to pursue life despite its sting.

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