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The Laws of Extreme...

Groundbreaking game rules for small to medium enterprises by Carl Bates, global entrepreneur.

The groundbreaking game rules contained in this book have inspired thousands of business owners to embark on the journey towards Extreme Business Success. As small and medium business owners, we often make achieving outrageous success far harder than it should be. If you know the rules of the business game, it’s so much easier to achieve success in every aspect of your business. This book is not an academic study or a theoretical examination of business; it is a practical guide for all small to medium business owners who want to achieve Extreme Business Success.

Price R169.57

The Yogi Who Sold His...

Greg Margolis (founder of NYPD Security) was for decades intimately involved in dealing with ‘random victims’ of crime or conflict, whether the victim was an individual, a family or even someone close to the victim(s), in many instances if they  could, they often chose to leave the country ‒ this included the vast majority of Greg's extended family. 

But Greg embodied the antithesis of a victim mentality – and chose to stay in SA, founding a non-profit security company in the late 90's, which then later expanded and evolved into a commercial security service provider in Johannesburg.

Price R191.30

Traversing the Avalanche: A...

When on an expedition to the summit of a great mountain, the last sound you want to hear is the ‘whumph’ under your feet – the tell-tale sign that an avalanche is about to descend. In that moment you realise that the sudden and devastating shift in snow may just destroy you.

In business, an avalanche could be a sudden or unexpected business catastrophe that threatens to destroy everything you have created. Or it could be the potential for disaster that you face when trying to reach the next level of success; a step up that perhaps requires more than you can currently give.

Price R239.13