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God’s Promise for Families...

    How God Reveals His Presence to Us and to Our Children 

Could it be that we, as adults, often undermine God's love for our children and limit His presence in their lives because of our own hurts and pain? In desperate times where broken families, teen suicide, abortion, AIDS, and other issues are on the rise, how can you raise your children to be Godly, yet not religious, and teach them to have a healthy long-lasting relationship in their marriage?

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Letters to Kuwait by Carlos...

One day I suddenly thought, “My goodness, where’s Gareth?” So, I started looking. Last I heard, he was working with the British Army in Iraq, doing long stints: I tracked him down to prison cell in Kuwait. He had been used as a drug mule, nabbed and sentenced to death by hanging. His death was commuted to life and then further reduced to 15 years. When I located him, he had already been inside for four years. Thereafter I sent him a letter, every month, for 67 consecutive months. My Letters to Kuwait, were received by Gareth on his hidden device: news and comment on life in South Africa, my reflections on humanity and our world.

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