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Kantha is a self-motivated, self-employed, and self-funded woman. Her story is not quite rags to riches, but somewhere in between. At the age when people are probably thinking of retirement, she’s thinking of reinvention.

Her academic career has been protracted, leaving her with qualifications in dentistry and medicine. After qualifying as a doctor, she further specialized as an anaesthesiologist. On top of that, she has qualifications in Reiki, medical hypnosis, and The Journey, and she is currently studying metaphysics.

Kantha is also a single mom of two. She has a thirst for new experiences and knowledge, fueling her love for books and travel. But what really fascinates her are ancient cultures, spirituality, and how they tie in to science.


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What if I had told you that the mechanism of your brain is like plasticine and could be moulded to your own unique set of beliefs and hence abilities? Could you afford not to even try to step into a new reality? Would you dare?

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