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PEARL grew up in the small, quiet town of Entebbe, Uganda. Here, she spent a carefree life before a wandering Belgian plucked her away and persuaded her into a nomadic expatriate existence.

Born and raised in Uganda, JULIE has called seven countries ‘Home’ over the past eighteen years. She is currently an islander, living in the Comoros Islands with her husband and their four ‘children’ (two humans and two furry creatures).


This new life spawned her first book idea. Collaborating with her insanely hilarious friend Julie, the idea turned into these pages. She has lived all over the world with her husband and their two daughters. But home will always be Uganda and Belgium. When she’s not writing, she enjoys travelling, yoga, tennis, music, and chicken wings.


When she isn’t writing or reading, she is honing her crafting skills and growing her small arts-and-crafts business. In theory, she is focused on achieving her dreams. But, in reality, she is probably playing Monopoly with her children. Besides travel, she enjoys tennis, dancing, nature walks and, best of all, a good laugh.

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From Journeys to Words -...

Here are two Ugandan women, both of whom married European diplomats – one representing Belgium and the other France – and as a consequence both found themselves committed to unusual lives as wives and mothers – from the shores of the tiny Comoros Islands, through the restless streets of Beirut and Dhaka, to the gigantic Middle Kingdom of China.


This delightful book is a collection of Pearl and Julie’s personal stories on their journey as expat spouses. They have “Bonjour’d”, “Ni Hao’d”, “Kemon Achen’d” and “Salaam Alaikum’d” their way through a fascinating variety of countries, bypassed some pesky firewalls, ordered food in languages they don’t speak, tasted a few quirky meals, and survived some dodgy economic and political crises.


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