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100 Minutes of grace is the personal journey of a mother that has lost her daughter un-expectantly in a bike accident. With no time to say goodbye, she was left with the pain, shock and unbelief of death. This is her journey she has walked bravely to overcome this tragic happening, to learn to adjust and start living this new type of life.

When my daughter passed away I needed help from somebody that had walked the road personally. Much of the reading material available today is written by pastors that have studied counselling, but have not been at their own child’s death bed or grave. I needed to understand the deeper emotions and feelings from somebody that was in the same situation as me. It was never my intention to write a book, I just started writing as it was the natural thing for me to do to cope at that stage, and to see the progress I made from month to month was very inspiring, even to myself.

Today I believe that this story of my personal journey will inspire others in the same or similar situation to seek God, take action and build a new type of life where peace, love, joy and happiness can be experienced again. It is possible! Even after your own child’s death. I did.


Pastor At Boshoff wrote the foreword.”In this book, 100 Minutes of Grace, Karen Coomber helps us to treasure fond memories of our loved one, to work through our sorrow and deal with the pain caused by such a loss, by allowing God to comfort us through the inner working of His grace in our time of mourning! She also encourages us to look for signs of God’s goodness, even in the darkest hour of our lives, and to allow God’s healing process to take place in these most difficult times! Her unwavering belief in God’s faithfulness, as she interceded for her daughter’s soul in those 100 minutes of grace, demonstrates the power of prayer and the power of love. I believe this book will be an inspiration to you and will help you to, practically, turn your weeping into joy again and your winter season into summer!”

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