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Description of Book:
BROKEN BASKET is the South African story of two young school girls Thandi and Zanele, on the threshold of sexual self-discovery. When their relationship becomes more than just two friends sharing jokes or swopping homework, their secret is discovered with tragic consequences. The book paints a dark picture of communities which fail to accept the reality of humankind and consider homosexuality to be a crime. When the ugly face of discrimination becomes the judge, the freedom to live one’s own truth is fatally compromised.

About the Author:
For Francine, the highlight of writing Broken Basket was the phenomenal response and encouragement she received from readers across the board. The young, the old, both black and white. Clearly they responded so positively to what she had to say that it encouraged her to increase the marketing of Broken Basket.
It took Francine months to complete the story but her passion drove her onwards! She wrote and rewrote what she had to say until she felt purged from her anger and disappointment at the lack of education, understanding and acceptance from certain sectors of the community concerning the LGBTQ+ community. Francine believes that everyone has a right to love and live their life with honesty and through Broken Basket, she wants to awaken society’s sense of conscience. Although the story and characters are fictitious the events are authentic.
Francine considers herself to be a ‘passive activist’, not necessarily confined to only ‘waving the flag’ for the LGBTQ+ community, but also defending the poor, the political unfairness and ill treatment of the unfortunate people ‒ whatever their colour, creed or religion.

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