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Description of Book:
A feather’s journey starts when it becomes detached from its source, the Blue Crane – South Africa’s National bird. Eleven-year-old author, Ammaarah, uses her imagination to describe the feather’s journey through the African savannah. The feather symbolizes the commonality of all the elements of nature: existence.
Where will the feather end up?
“The story vividly displays that Ammaarah, Taskeen, and Mahdiyyah love nature and their country. A book worth keeping in all libraries, to inspire children all around the world to write!”
Khadija Ismail, Crescent Montessori School, Polokwane, South Africa
About the Author:
At only 11 years of age, Kingsmead College pupil, Ammaarah Wadee has nabbed the title of South Africa’s youngest published author with the distribution of her first book A Feather’s Tale.
Wadee says that she has received an overwhelmingly positive response to her book and that this is making her reconsider her ambitions of becoming a medical doctor in the future.
It all began with a creative writing exercise:
Wadee told 702’s John Robbie that the book came about when her teacher was impressed by a writing exercise that she submitted at school.
“It was part of a creative writing activity at school, and my teacher loved it and decided to enter it into a competition online. The company called my mom the next day and said that they would love to publish it.”

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