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It is clear that all who are interested in sustainability must put Project Management at the very core of the management of organisations. The content is aligned to outcomes that are geared towards analytical and critical thinking about the theory and practice of Project Management.

Project management is not about managing people, but also about managing the work and the people who do the work of and in organisations.

This involves alternative ways of getting the work of projects done superiorly. This book will assist you to apply project management effectively to achieve its ultimate aim to add value to the project, people, stakeholders, organisations and society.

 About the Author:

The author received a Doctorate in Project Management through the University of Belford (USA), have been active as a Project Manager for the last 25 years in the construction, power generation, gas and oil and mining industries and also travelled extensively in the African content attending to projects in the various industries as mentioned previously. I saw the gap that exist in project management and managers and decided to share my knowledge with others to improve the understanding and knowledge of people in the industry

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