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Have you ever thought of earning passive income through property? Or building a property portfolio to create wealth? It always sounds hard, intimidating and complex to say the least! You think that this is for the chosen few and you cannot do it on your own. Here is a book that will change all that!

In this revolutionary, practical and easy-to-read book, Dr Chomba Chuma guides you through manageable steps on investing in property and building a portfolio. The idea behind the book is to build up passive income using a sustainable wealth to be left for future generations, thereby allowing the reader to leave a legacy that outlives them and benefits not only their children and grandchildren, but their future generations.

The outline is based on six steps that the reader can follow to build their property portfolio.

  1. 1.Step 1 – The Property Investment Strategy
  2. 2.Step 2 – Entity of Ownership
  3. 3.Step 3 – Property Presentation
  4. 4.Step 4 – Property/Mortgage Finance
  5. 5.Step 5 – Property Registration
  6. 6.Step 6 – Rental Management of the property.

This guide is incredibly insightful and makes property investment seem so much more approachable, even for the novice.

About the Author:

Dr Chuma is an experienced property investor and has used his vast understanding and lessons learnt from past mistakes to put together this indispensable read. What stands out is his emphasis on building a portfolio that will leave a legacy that outlives the investor. He continuously shows the wisdom of this approach and is very persuasive in his arguments for following this advice.

After reading this book, the reader will see the foresight in not only using property to reach financial freedom during their lifetime, but also using it to leave a lasting legacy for generations to

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