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Dissecting Wobbles is Andrew talking to himself, and to you, at the same time. It’s him remembering other times when he ran and jumped and landed on his face. It’s about how his Mom searched for answers, and eventually found the big bad diagnosis.

His story goes from early childhood, through the diagnosis and his weird and rebellious teens, then into ‘adulthood’ and his real decline, which morphed from a limp, to a crutch, to a wheelchair, to right here and now. Ultimately, Dissecting Wobbles is a book about what it is to be human. Andrew Marshall has walked a road seldom travelled, and he continues to push past barriers that would stop many people in their tracks. He tells his story in a voice rich with humour and wisdom, and in the process explores some of life’s most complex philosophical questions.


`This is a spectacular book! Perfect for anyone with a physically disability, as well as anyone

seeking to learn more about what a disabled person goes through.` – Gerda Brown, General Manager, Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, South Africa.


`A lesson in life. Better than the very best motivational speaker’s efforts I have come across` – Fanie De Villiers.

      `This sharp-eyed autobiography is wise, insightful, and filled with profound truths’. Marguerite Black friend of Andrew’s with FA and, author of The Dandelion Diary, a memoir.

     `A book every single person on earth should not just read, but consume, study, value ‒ and share’– Nicole Capper, Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa 2018, Ambassador (Mom) for Rare Disease South Africa.

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