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Long ago when the waters of the world were still young and the fishes that lived in them held a new fascination for men, a hunter-gatherer told the first fishing story. Although fishing for survival is dying out, the tradition of telling fishing stories lives on.
In this collection of forty stories, previously published in the first ten volumes of The Fishing & Hunting Journal, twenty-nine authors share their fishing dreams, adventures and accounts of life on the water.
Set mostly in Africa, they cover everything from wild times with tarpon in tropical seas to introspective tales of trout in mountain trickles. Whether you have a passion for marlin, mudfish, or mullet, deep down fishing is one language and these are some of its stories.

About the Author:

Martin Rudman was born and raised in the Eastern Cape where his grandfather taught him to fish as soon as he was old enough to hold a rod. He was the editor of The Fishing & Hunting Journal for several years and has been fortunate enough to fish many remote, local and international waters. He enjoys all forms of fishing, particularly experimenting with different species and techniques.
Edward Truter was fishing before he was born, literally. What his father started hasn’t slowed and he’ll try fish for just about anything, although he most enjoys casting lures and flies in places where coconuts grow. Edward is a traveller at heart and an earlier career in exploration geology, together with heaps of good luck and more recently, a freelancing lifestyle, have taken him to five continents and forty countries. For the moment he lives in Port Elizabeth and tries to fish whenever the wind isn’t blowing.

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