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This is a gripping, emotionally charged journey of an indomitable character who must first lose everything in order to find herself again.

Emotionally battered, she breaks and finds herself battling depression and the conflicting emotions that she still feels for the man that broke her.

We meet her devoted friends and family, who must helplessly witness the mutilation of a once strong, dynamic young woman at the hands of a sociopath.

How far will they go to protect her?

Years later, the web of intrigue unfolds as one dirty secret after another is revealed.

How many will survive the scandals, and how many will not?

Footprints on the Moon shines bright with the love and generosity of the human spirit while it still burns deep with anger and regret.

It will keep you reeling with conflicting emotions. You will love the characters and despise them.

You will feel their pain and taste their passion. You will bleed for them and break for them, and just when you think all is lost, this novel will gather you in its warm embrace, pull you close, and make you whole again.


About The Author

Nirvashnee Naidu was born in Shallcross in Durban, South Africa. She currently lives with her husband and two children in La Lucia, in Kwazulu Natal. A BComHon graduate, she confesses to having started this book when her lifelong burning ambition to be a writer got so unquenchable that it could no longer be denied.

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