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‘Okay….the decision has been made’ I advise Kim, my wife of 25 years. ‘I am now going to buy a farm, leave my law firm and pursue the country life. ‘This decision’, I continue, ‘is now final and irrevocable.  I have considered the issue, weighed up the pros and cons and am now confident that this warrants no more consideration.’

      ‘Good’ says Kim unconvincingly, not even bothering to look up from the book she is reading.

And so it began.

Johannesburg lawyer, Nicholas Lambrianos, takes off after 27 years in a law practice, to start out as an underqualified and inexperienced famer. He is about to put himself on the front line of food security by buying a working farm. He plans to live out his lifelong dream and put his luxury German BMW X5 all-terrain vehicle to the test.

Nicholas is about to learn the hard way that that most our food is not actually found in a supermarket …… but produced by men and women who till the land and toil in all seasons. Is this the work he was born to do? Or is the call of his law firm a more logical solution?

About the Author:

Nick Lambrianos is a Johannesburg-based property lawyer and farmer. He was schooled at a boarding school in the Eastern Cape where he spent many happy holidays on farms owned by the parents of fellow pupils. This led to a childhood dream to be a farmer, a dream which he was able to realise in his late forties. His farming career has now spanned fifteen years.

Nicholas through humour also tries to enlighten the public about the tremendous challenges facing farmers every day, but particularly in South Africa at this time, and attempts to engender some understanding of the importance of food security and the appreciation that most our food is not manufactured but produced by men and women who till the land and toil in all seasons.


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