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Praised by Clem Sunter, leading South African scenario planner and top business author.
“Follow Michael Lee on a journey from the early future works from Enlightenment times to contemporary foresight as an academic discipline. And be amazed by what former futurists anticipated, correctly as well as wrongly. In the end, you will know and understand the nature and power of the future.”
-Dr Pero Mićić, founder of the Future Management Group (www. FutureManagementGroup.com)

“This is a deeply thoughtful book that reveals the philosophy and logic for the development of the theory for a science of the future.”
-Robert H.Samet, author of Long-Range Futures Research; An application of complexity science
About the Author:
Founder of Positive Destiny, Michael Lee, is a Cape Town writer and futurist. He is a Full Member of the Association of Professional Futurists (http://apf.org), with an M.Phil in Future Studies (cum laude) from the Institute of Futures Research at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Michael also earned a Master of Arts in English from UCT.

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