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Book Description
This book is dedicated to anyone who is a patient, who has been a patient or who may become a patient. In fiction stories and characters are created by man, but patients are God’s creations.
To those waiting in doctor’s rooms with pimples and painful wounds, sniffing and sneezing to mommies with new born babies and grannies who tell bedroom stories to little children. To the sick, lame and lazy, to those with tics and those who are maimed or crazy, I share these memories in the hope and belief, that they will give you an understanding of a family practitioner’s life in small town South Africa.
Share a family’s tears and fears during house calls, alone, when everyone else is fast asleep.
Enjoy the laughs and joys of operative procedures, and see the sadness of death- slowly, suddenly, unexplained, unfair- and then the miracle of a new-born baby.
These memories are dedicated to all those inquisitive people who want to share a humanistic, holistic approach to life’s problems and pleasures through the eyes of a general practitioner.
To young doctors, may it open your eyes and enrich your soul, and to older doctors, may you remember that is, after all, God’s greatest gift.
To patient who disliked me, here you can enjoy my humiliations and tribulations, and all those who liked me may share my joys and jubilations. To the fellowship of those that help and heal, I hope you’ll share these memories.
I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed the experiences.
Most of the names of patients and doctors were changed to protect the people involved. In some cases, as requested, the original names stayed. Thanks to you all, for being part of my journey.

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