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“I love food and flowers. So it was quite a blow when I completely lost my ability to smell and taste”.

This book is a celebration of what happens next. The author was out of her ritual early morning meditation when she suddenly realised that her loss of these senses had resulted in substantial gains in others. She had started to listen. Similarly, she found herself using her eyes more and really to see. She also noticed how her intuition or “sixth sense” seemed to have peaked after her initial losses – and even after her eventual recovery. She was as if reborn with heightened powers of observation. Waves of gratitude flooded her spirit.

This book is an expression of those waves. Here is a collection of essays, poems, pieces straight from a heart suffused with wonder at our astonishing adaptability, and filled with gratitude. There can be nothing more precious than love of life born out of adversity.

“This is the kind of book you carry around for years and years. Little pockets of wisdom and food for thought.”

Philippa Mitchell, Author of Four in the Morning.

About the Author:

Lee Mayimele was born in Johannesburg, where she lives with her husband and two children. By her own account, Mayimele is ‘a lover of early mornings and simple words’. Musings is her first book.

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