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Senseless Sacrifice, Givers and Takers in Relationships is a treasure trove of true stories written by women from diverse cultures about the difficulties experienced in their relationships.


“Gut-wrenching and inspiring at the same time. The stories are honest and authentic. When a woman can tell her story in an authentic way, half the battle of co-dependence has been won. I could relate to their stories. Well done to Dr. Renate Volpe and Rene Steyn.”

–          Ndileka Mandela; Mandela Foundation.

The first step to liberation is to tell the stories and this is what this compilation achieves. Like the Suffragettes of a century ago this book votes for change…. The writers vote with their words and feet and walk into a new life.

–          Professor Dorian Haarhoff; Author of The Writers Voice.

 About the Authors:

Dr. Renate Volpe is an expert in the field of strategic leadership and people development.  She is unique in that she has solid experience in the world of business, combined with a deep understanding of the world of academia as well as being a successful entrepreneur and author.  She has spent the last 20 years specialising in the field of female career development.

Renate is a renowned public speaker who is best known for her publications The Entrepreneurial Mindshift and Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks.

Rene Steyn

Rene has spent 25 years in the corporate environment with several blue chip companies.  She has held various executive positions and has been responsible for the strategic management of the human resource function in these organisations.

Currently, she consults to a leading global firm where she has the opportunity of sharing her knowledge and expertise across the African continent.  Her exuberance, energy and zest for life are a shining example to women who wish to live their lives healthily and assertively.

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