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The Senior Adviser by Edmund- George King


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Many believe the International Consultancy does not exist. Even the Head of Her Majesty’s Secret Service seems to dismiss the rumours of a shadowy yet powerful mercenary spy network as folk tales. But Captain John Fletcher, a Royal Navy stalwart whom MI-6 has just despatched on a luxury yacht searching for lost pirate ships, to protect its high-profile passengers from a potential terrorist threat, is having doubts. For why would mysterious strangers warn its passengers of impending dangers, or why would he get the impression that the expedition is being discreetly shadowed? And why would his presence on board the Nereid appear to elicit so much hostility from some fellow passengers? As the yacht sails from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea to the dangerous islands of war-torn Mozambique, and Captain Fletcher struggles to tell friend from foe among his companions, his conviction becomes stronger by the day. The International Consultancy exists, as does its mysterious Senior Advisor. And if he does not stop them, events could unfold that might threaten the very heart of the Western World’s political and military stability …
EDMUND-GEORGE KING has spent many years exploring the world, both travelling with airplanes and ships to exotic destinations, and delving into these places’ histories and politics through his profession as an international economist. A native of France who spent many years in England before finally settling under the sunny climes of South Africa, his adoptive country, it is his passion for history, political intrigue and travel that have enticed him to try his hand at writing fiction, within the knowledge that even the best adventure or espionage thriller may never be as fascinating as the truth. The Senior Advisor is his first book.
Edmund-George King has long had a passion for history, political intrigue and travel, and indeed has travelled many parts of the world already – so maybe it is not surprising that writing espionage thrillers has become his main hobby.

He grew up in the south-west of France, but went to work abroad after completing his studies and following many years of living in London, UK, made South Africa his adoptive country. He fell in love with South Africa on his first visit back in 1991, and has wished to return ever since. He now lives in Pretoria aged 52, he has worked for three decades as an international economist, following political and economic developments around the world which sometimes give him ideas about thriller plots – although of course, no such plot is ever as complex or as fascinating as what really happens.

When not writing fiction, he enjoys travelling to the bush or tropical islands, reading about history and current events, walks in nature, music, good wines and fine dining.

He has written as a hobby for many years, but now wants to share his creative writing with readers. The Senior Adviser is his first book.

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