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Charlotte Worthington, a delightfully spirited, red-haired beauty, returns to her beloved aristocratic home farm in Surrey to attend to her dying father. She leaves behind her fiancé, the handsome, debonair, Gareth Silversmith, in London. On her way home, a horseman stranger helps her to rescue a lamb caught in a wire fence. He turns out to be her father’s rugged farm manager, Hamish Oakford.

The chemistry between Charlotte and Hamish is undeniable, but financial and social status, and indeed, the engagement ring on her finger, keep Charlotte and Hamish at arm’s length of each other. Nevertheless, Charlotte finds herself reluctantly, but powerfully drawn to her father’s employee.

The pair join the local farmers in fighting against the railroad plan that is set to rob them of their farms. Gareth Silversmith arrives unexpectedly at the farm to encourage Charlotte to go back to London with him. Hamish soon discovers more about him than he should.

The death of Charlotte’s beloved father throws her into a turmoil of bereavement and vulnerability and indecision. Will Charlotte marry the man she really loves..?

 About the Author:

Helena Davis, a self-confessed romantic and an ardent fan of Jane Austen’s works, spent many years on her parent’s quaint farm in the beautiful Natal Midlands of South Africa The sheep, horses, fruit farms, green rolling hills, a close-by spiritual seminary, and rustling maize fields of the countryside shaped her ideas from a young age. With her heart linked to the English side of her ancestry, her historical romance novel The Wind in the Wheat Fields is set in England where the countryside so resembles the lush greenness of her homeland. Helena is happily married to her intelligent and delightfully eccentric husband and the pair run a charming flower shop together. They have two wonderful children who have flown the coop.

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