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Have you noticed that commercial publishers often seem to be disappearing into the stratosphere in their search for bigger and bigger international bestsellers and higher profits, while the worst vanity publishers churn out books without consideration for quality or saleability?
Between these two extremes, a great deal is happening. Worthwhile writing is taking place. New voices are emerging. Revisionist thinking is shaking old interpretations. Memoirs and biographies and small personal stories are appearing to enrich our literary self-awareness. And it is in the middle of this new space between the commercial highflyers and the vanity slush-pile mongers that you’ll find PORCUPINE PRESS and its brand new imprint, AFRICAN NARRATIVES.

At Porcupine, we are committed to

Writer development and guidance
Good and thought-provoking books, whatever the genre
High quality writing through professional editing and proofreading
Innovative market-related cover design and layout
Wide distribution streams, both locally and internationally
Innovative brand promotion and title marketing

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