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King of Swords by Karin Noll


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This certainly happens to Margret Hansen, a young nursery school teacher living in a country town in post-war Germany, but longing for a broader stage upon which to live her life. Her wish seems to come true when, unexpectedly, she falls in love with a wealthy man from out of town. He opens her eyes to a glittering world beyond the drudgery of her provincial lifestyle and the home she shares with her mother and grandmother. But the stars in her eyes turn to tears when she discovers that she has become pregnant. Now she is forced to face herself, to untangle many dilemmas and to make some life-altering decisions.

Margret’s journey of self-discovery draws the reader into her inner struggles as she faces her own response to life which includes her many prejudices and often childish assumptions. Finally, through a

rekindling of her Christian faith, she finds peace after a year of confusion, pain and turmoil.


About the Author:

Karin Noll was born in 1962, the youngest child of German immigrants to South Africa. ‘Writing has always in my blood,’ she says, and recalls that she won a national essay competition when she was in Grade 10 at the Deutsche Schule in Johannesburg, her home town.

She has written for several magazines, and at the end of 2011 she gave up her teaching job to write full time. King of Swords is her first novel.

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