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  The Zambezi Trilogy

Description of Book:

The Horns follows the lives of four children who made mud cows together in their early years. Now at the stage of leaving school, they revisit the country’s history, gaining new perspectives through sometimes light hearted, sometimes agonising, but always perceptive dissection of historical milestones to bring some truths to conflicting stories of the Matebele Kings and the colonisation of Rhodesia. This historical novel is presented as storytelling – oral storytelling, as practised in the passing on of oral history in African culture, sometimes indulging in the nostalgic prose of cherished memories, and in the practical narration of the observations of young children making mud cattle, the terror of a teenager in acute distress, or the wise words of experience and learning from an older generation.  The story itself unwraps the history of the country through the questions of the four characters – from the mfecane and the growth of the Matebele nation under Mzilikazi.

About the author:

Jill wrote this book from her experience of being born into what was first southern Rhodesia, then Rhodesia. The Horns is as historically accurate as Jill can discern from the valuable generational Matebele and Mashona oral history, to the widely differing bias of writings from early missionaries, pioneers and hunters.

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