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  • Brand: Dick Mawson
  • Brand: Hannelie Viviers

Pilgrimage to Grace - The...

I needed to remove the heavy bolts and guards that blocked the memories, until all that remained was this – my actual thoughts of how I experienced the storm. This is my personal truth.


Hannelie Viviers was diagnosed with bipolar depression in 1998 after a manic episode. She had been a homemaker with two toddlers. At the institution to which she was admitted she made a vow to find work. This resulted after many setbacks in her qualifying as an accountant. But the massive depression spider was never far away and always ready with its venom.
Price R139.13

The Gods Who Fell From the...

A soul that is afraid of dying has never learned to live … This is the precept by which Dick Mawson has lived his adventurous life. He was born in England during the Second World War. With his parents he crash landed into southern Africa where he grew up.

Price R169.57