What makes us different?

The Porcupine Press imprint has a growing reputation for quality books. We provide professional writing, editing and design services for people with ideas but limited skills. We provide national and international distribution (both POD and bricks and mortar shops), including print-on-demand and e-book distribution. 

Free publishing advice and personal face-to-face meetings with the knowledgeable Porcupine Press team. Choose the services you want from a modular list. But beware: Don’t skimp on editing or cover design.

An author network; make friends with other authors at Porcupine Press.  We believe that the customer is NOT always right.  You are coming to us for our advice and knowledge; therefore we will provide you with honest advice on your manuscript.  We specialise in independent book publishing. Unlike vanity publishers we are book centric, rather than service   centric.

Book print files ownership, after an agreed number of printed copies.

We can create all types of book formats, from print (paperback and hardback) via POD, short digital print runs, litho printing, as well as ebooks.

Author Benefits

Quicker lead times

The author retains control and close contact with the publisher

The author receives personalised attention and constant professional advice

The author has an array of service modules to choose from

The author’s work is supported by a network of distributors and marketing options

The author is encouraged to aim high in terms of quality, but at terms with which she/he is comfortable

We partner with you, therefore we will provide you with free promotional activity on all our social media platforms

Our Imprints

Having the PORCUPINE PRESS imprint will mean the following:

Quality product

Our professional design team prepare your book to compete in the marketplace.

Broad Distribution Services

Publishing under Porcupine Press will mean that your book will be acceptable for worldwide bookshop distribution.

Free Basic PR Service

We see our Authors as our partners. We will design an Emailer and an Author Signature for all books with our Porcupine Press logo, and we will promote these books on all our various social media platforms.

Free listing on Create Space

If we produced your book with our Porcupine Press imprint it will be available for sale via our Australian website on Amazon and Create Space.

Each client has a personal consultant assisting them with all requirements:


Editorial Advice: David Robbins - david@porcupinepress.co.za
Book Production: Gail Robbins - dgwrite@iafrica.com
Administration - admin@porcupinepress.co.za
Distribution : Hope Ngwana - hope@porcupinepress.co.za
Porcupine Australia: Ashton Robbins - ashton@porcupinepress.com.au