Porcupine Press offers a comprehensive range of publishing services for authors who are considering the self publishing option. We offer a one-stop service from publishing right through to distribution of both paperbacks and eBooks. We are dedicated to independent publishing and take pride in giving personal service with face-to-face relationships and sincere, honest and knowledgeable advice about the book industry.

Our services are pitched at levels to suit your pocket: from a basic ‘do-it-yourself’ package to full professional publishing services. Through our modular service approach you as the author will have the freedom to match individual service components to suit your needs.

The main service components are:

    Free Manuscript Assessment Service
    Professional Book Production
    Marketing & Distribution
    POD (Print-on-Demand) Printing Services
    Online Bookstore
    EBook Conversion, Distribution & Amazon Marketing

1. Free Manuscript Assessment

If you are interested in our free assessment service please send us the following:

  •     The title of the book
  •     The manuscript word count
  •     A short synopsis of approximately 150 words
  •     The first two chapters of your manuscript

Submissions can be made by email admin@porcupinepress.co.za.

Please DO NOT sent the entire manuscript at this stage.

You should expect to wait 1 – 2 weeks for our free assessment service.

2. Book Production and Publishing Services

Porcupine Press does not have packages.

    We cost our book production and publishing quotations using the word count of a manuscript.
    From the word count we can work out an average page count.
    This is because each size of book has an average number of words per page.
    We do use the International norms for the size of the books.
    The normal book sizes are 198 X 129mm; 203 x 133mm; A5?210 X 148mm; 229 X 15mm; 234 X 156mm and 244 X 170mm.
    Obviously here are differing sizes depend on what type of book you need to publish. For example, children’s books and coffee-table books, vary considerably.
    Therefore all quotations are based on the word count and extrapolated page count.

In order for us to supply a quotation, we suggest that you complete our quote questionnaire, in order for us to identify how we may help you. If you not sure where your book will fit in, please contact us directly.
If you are unsure which of the above mentioned services would suit your requirements please Contact us for our book production guideline booklet.

    Marketing & Distribution Services:

We will distribute and market your paperback, hardcover and eBooks, and form an invaluable intermediary function between you and the retail market. Discounts are given if you take more than one marketing and distribution package.

    Marketing and Publicity: R9,000 per month for three months
    Local book distribution: R 2,800.00 plus Vat sign-up fee
    International POD distribution – R 3 500
    EBook Conversion – R 3 500
    International EBook distribution – R 3 000
Self publishing booklet front cover
For further information please Contact us for our distribution guideline booklet or click on the link below:

http://porcupinepress.co.za/img/cms/PP_2019_Self Publishing Booklet.pdf

If you need more information on any of the above, please request our detailed services booklet.  CONTACT US TODAY!

Other service cost options

Rates and print production costs, including editing, layout and design, proofing, printing, distribution

vary with job specifications (paper quality, color options, print runs, etc) and become available

only through a specific quote.

Writing costs are easier to predict. The current rates are:

  • Per word:  R3.50 (to 2nd draft level)
  • Per interview:  R500
  • Per day out of town:  R1000
  • Per kilometre:  R3.70 (out of greater Johannesburg)
  • S&T:  Per invoices and receipts
  • Non-writing rate:  R400 per hour
  • Other services:  By negotiation

Tel: 011 792 9951
E-mail: dgrwrite@iafrica.com
Gail mobile: 082 572 1682
David mobile: 082 787 8099