In this fast-paced adventure story, young Noah Quark tells about his incredible journey around the world in a solar-powered flying ark. 

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The destination, like that of the original ark, is Mount Ararat. Noah’s father, Professor Ebenezer Quark, aims to build a zoo on top of the mountain before all the world’s low-lying land is flooded as earth-warming becomes a major threat. Merlin’s magic wand plays tricks on those on board, weaving a sinister web around Noah and his friends. They grapple with a scheming wizard, a treacherous goblin, and an escaped dragon. They also come to grips with King Vulcan, lord of the secret lava kingdom hidden under Mount Ararat. Noah’s rather irresponsible inventor father does not make things any easier for him. Finally though, Pegasus the legendary flying horse saves the day, and the adventurers get safely home.


Jill Morsbach
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