From Journeys to Words - Wobbly tales of expert wives / expat lives


Here are two Ugandan women, both of whom married European diplomats – one representing Belgium and the other France – and as a consequence both found themselves committed to unusual lives as wives and mothers – from the shores of the tiny Comoros Islands, through the restless streets of Beirut and Dhaka, to the gigantic Middle Kingdom of China.


This delightful book is a collection of Pearl and Julie’s personal stories on their journey as expat spouses. They have “Bonjour’d”, “Ni Hao’d”, “Kemon Achen’d” and “Salaam Alaikum’d” their way through a fascinating variety of countries, bypassed some pesky firewalls, ordered food in languages they don’t speak, tasted a few quirky meals, and survived some dodgy economic and political crises.


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These travel tales take you through the often tedious thrumming (and supposed perks) of expatriate life to bring you anecdotes from, and insights into, their day-to-day lives and experiences as ‘trailing’ wives. They also take a deeper look into the lives of the remarkable, vivacious, and eternally optimistic people they have met – as well as the enchanting cultures they have experienced, and become a part of.


Many of these countries may not exactly inspire you to immediately book a flight, but for Pearl and Julie, they’ve been much more than mere temporary homes; They have been barrels of laughter, love, despair, kindness, heartache, panache, resilience, and charm that isn’t shown on the 9 o’clock news or in a traditional tourist guide.


This book is an ode to all that ... and more.

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