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Gags, Quirks and Facts


This is an unusual little book. In a South Africa in economic trouble with daily power outages and a 60% youth unemployment rate, we might think there’s not much to smile about. Don’t you believe it!

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The description on the back cover says it all: ‘This book proves that South Africans can laugh at themselves. The author has dreamed up a collection of gags, quirks and facts that highlight the ridiculous that is all around us, point to the odd cultural differences that exist (in our complex country), and remind us of some lesser known facts that we probably should have been aware of (but very often aren’t).’


The book contains 310 entries that will encourage readers to smile, shake their heads in disbelief, or simply enjoy the satirical nature of some entries and the irony of others. Here are some examples:

‘Pastors preach that you shall receive all that you ask for if you believe, but they never tell you to look for a job and work hard when you’re done praying.’


‘Employment is the most cowardly route to survival.’


‘How do you know it is time to take your business elsewhere? When the shopkeeper takes your money from your hand but puts your change on the counter. There is no greater disrespect. This proves that money has no colour. Your money he will take, but you’re not worthy to touch his hand.’


‘Littering is an ignorant man’s idea of job creation.’


Charmingly illustrated by Carol Preston, this pocket book can be dipped into whenever you need a shot of humour.

Sizwe Zulu
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