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100 Minutes of Grace -...

100 Minutes of grace is the personal journey of a mother that has lost her daughter un-expectantly in a bike accident. With no time to say goodbye, she was left with the pain, shock and unbelief of death. This is her journey she has walked bravely to overcome this tragic happening, to learn to adjust and start living this new type of life.

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A Lute of Eleven Strings -...

Paris 1505. Tragedy strikes at the rue Daniel bookshop of Arnoul De La Porte. Alone with his little son Paoul, he finds comfort in the writings of Luther and becomes involved in the illegal Reformation Movement. As Huguenot heretics, his descendants must walk a dangerous tightrope of pretence to prevent being executed. Luc is betrayed and escapes to relatives in Flanders with Sibylle, the daughter of his Protestant mentor.

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A Wound Unhealed - Does...

The war between Israel and the people of Palestine is one of the great tragedies of our time,’ writes Professor Anthony Balcomb, a Senior Research Associate in the School of Religion, Philosophy, and Classics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Arguably, an even greater tragedy is the inability of many Christians – certainly those who subscribe to the views of Christian Zionism – to see the frequently brutal injustices and human-rights abuses being meted out by ‘God’s chosen people’.

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Absorbing too much of the...

What do you do when your son tries to strangle your husband? Only the author of this remarkable book has a ready answer for that. She takes the reader along for a frequently shocking life - affirming ride. It describes a wife and mother's journey into her son's mental illness. Her story allows us to see that recovery is not a neat, linear path, but instead a convoluted and complicated daily journey. 'In sharing her adversities and how she coped,' comments Kendal Brown, 'maybe we can draw some lessons from this brave lady to be better prepared for the lemons life all to often hands us.'

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Africa in my Heart - A...

I am greeted by the petrifying sight of thirty or sixty or seventy buffalo looming large at a distance, each of them staring at me. Just staring would be okay; I could handle that. But these are also coming at me.

I just stand there turned to stone, waiting for something to happen – something other, that is, than having a herd of cape buffalo running toward me. If it weren't for Peter, they surely would have trampled me to death. Fortunately, he recollects himself just in time to yell at me to get my ass behind the tree.

The tree. Hmm . . . What tree?

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African Epic by Neil...

African Epic is a photographic collection, capturing the allure of the Untamed African Mountain Bike Race. Every year, the event produces great stories of personal triumph, inspiration, honour, the settling of old scores, and rising above adversity. This book will inspire you to join the journey of the Absa Cape Epic, whether it’s blazing the trail at next year’s race or watching from the comfort of your armchair, witnessing this great tale unfold.

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After Birth - A mother’s...

Here’s a book for all new mothers and their caregivers. It is a practical manual of self-care for a woman after having a baby. It includes chapters on: Breast-feeding, Healthy Eating, Recipes, Herbal Medicine and much more. It also includes full-colour postnatal exercise sequences in Yoga, Bellydance and Qigong, to help mothers get back in shape. There are further chapters on Natural Remedies for common health problems experienced after birth, as well as on Postpartum Happiness to keep the baby blues away.  

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After the Dance

In April 1994, South Africa stepped back from the slough of endemic violence and danced its first bold dance with constitutional democracy. Millions of people entered into a state of euphoric rejoicing. The date marked the end of the apartheid past and the beginning of a brave new future.

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This beautifully written memoir tells the almost unbelievable story of a South African boy who got as far as Grade 8 in his township primary school, and then hit a glass ceiling. Only through the intervention of a caring Catholic Father was he able to continue with his education. This same township boy recently retired from the University of South Africa as a professor emeritus in Systematic Theology and Theological Ethics. Between these two important events lies a life of extraordinary academic achievement in the United States and deep thinking about his native country. He has written four books, the most influential being The theory and Practice of Black Resistance to Apartheid: A Social-Ethical Analysis. which was later republished in America as Challenge to Apartheid.

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Nelson Mandela, first commander of the armed struggle against the apartheid regime in South Africa, buried a gun at his secret hideout shortly before he was betrayed by the CIS and captured by the South African police.

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Amazing Times -...

It all begins by looking up and discovering the heavenly revelations regarding the amazing times we are all living through. But the revelations don’t seem to be about the end of the world.

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An Unbreakable Woman - Your...


A life filled with 1 challenge after another often seems like good enough reason to quit. But that wasn't the case for Natasha - a woman who literally turned around at death's door & defied all the odds to become a pillar of strength & beacon of hope to many. An Unbreakable Woman is an inspirational memoir filled with emotion, vulnerability, grit & determination. It is a journey of hope & reflection which will leave you believing that better days are ahead, even when you have reached the end of the road. As you experience Natasha's journey you will be inspired to keep faith as you trust God to bring his plan for your fulfilment. 

Price R156.52