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Memoirs are stories told by one of the characters involved. They are meant to be ‘true’ in that they relate to an actual person’s experience. Biographies are similar, except that they are written by a third party, the biographer. South Africa is big on memoirs at the moment, perhaps largely because for so long people have felt ‘bottled up’ but are now much more able to see value in their experiences and to express them. This is an exciting time in local literature.

Memoirs & Bios

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Africa in my Heart - A...

I am greeted by the petrifying sight of thirty or sixty or seventy buffalo looming large at a distance, each of them staring at me. Just staring would be okay; I could handle that. But these are also coming at me.

I just stand there turned to stone, waiting for something to happen – something other, that is, than having a herd of cape buffalo running toward me. If it weren't for Peter, they surely would have trampled me to death. Fortunately, he recollects himself just in time to yell at me to get my ass behind the tree.

The tree. Hmm . . . What tree?

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What if I had told you that the mechanism of your brain is like plasticine and could be moulded to your own unique set of beliefs and hence abilities? Could you afford not to even try to step into a new reality? Would you dare?

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B.O.S.S. = Brave, Optimistic, Sickness Survivor.

My book tells my unique story where I relate the trials and triumphs from parts of my journey of fighting prostate cancer, its related complications of acute renal failure and the complications of the late side-effects of cancer treatments. In my book I acknowledge and highlight the value of maintaining good relationships.

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Dissecting Wobbles This is...

Dissecting Wobbles is Andrew talking to himself, and to you, at the same time. It’s him remembering other times when he ran and jumped and landed on his face. It’s about how his Mom searched for answers, and eventually found the big bad diagnosis.

`A lesson in life. Better than the very best motivational speaker’s efforts I have come across`

- Fanie De Villiers.

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Finding the Stranger - In...

In everyone of us is a stranger yearning to be found.

A child grows up in a small town on the Black Sea, which soon becomes her imaginary prison. Afraid of being suffocated by a society in which sexism and masochism are the norms, she dreams of flying to her freedom.

She dreads the life of an obedient Muslim woman, and particularly of losing her identity before she can find her freedom.

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Historical Background of...

“Our people have been oppressed enough. It’s time somebody comes forward and speaks about police brutality. There are hundreds of policemen like me who see their credibility in the communities they serve undermined by the actions of riot police. But they are scared to talk because regulations bind them. I’m not willing for the regulation to bind me any further. I’m defying them,” - Lieutenant Gregory Rockman, speaking to Gaye Davis of the Weekly Mail, September 1989.


The story of POPCRU (the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union) is embedded in the story of South Africa’s bloody journey to democracy.
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In Search of Something by...

The extraordinary true story of a woman travelling the globe in search of something…

In Search of Something is an amazing collection of travel stories about a woman travelling around the world. This is a (true) story of God's faithfulness and protection and guidance over many years.

This book is for everyone who seeks inspiration for divine guidance. The author was encouraged and guided by the Holy Spirit to tell her story. She wrote her story, so that her reader may find the same divine guidance and inspiration to be at peace with themselves.

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It shouldn’t happen to a...

‘Okay….the decision has been made’ I advise Kim, my wife of 25 years. ‘I am now going to buy a farm, leave my law firm and pursue the country life. ‘This decision’, I continue, ‘is now final and irrevocable.  I have considered the issue, weighed up the pros and cons and am now confident that this warrants no more consideration.’

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It shouldn’t happen to a...

‘Okay....the decision has been made’ I advise Kim, my wife of 25 years. ‘I am now going to buy a farm, leave my law firm and pursue the country life. ‘This decision’, I continue, ‘is now final and irrevocable. I have considered the issue, weighed up the pros and cons and am now confident that this warrants no more consideration.’

‘Good’ says Kim unconvincingly, not even bothering to look up from the book she is reading.

And so it began.

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Landslide by Arthur Sithole

Part memoir, part fact, part truth, certainly part of a blueprint to my greatest transformation Landslide not only documents an evolution towards a higher understanding, but is fundamentally, an account born of its own accord; when the truth about my life collided with the weight of my adversity.

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Lessons from a Rainbow...

Samuel John Frederick Platt was born two months prematurely and rushed into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It soon became apparent that the new-born had a rare disease, confounding specialists and sending his parents, Melissa and Fred  Platt, on an emotional rollercoaster as his condition was misdiagnosed several times.

His distraught parents stood by Sam’s side and advocated for his needs, while feeling ignored by some of the health care professionals assigned to Sam’s care. After more than a year in a private hospital in Johannesburg, Sam’s parents managed to get a second opinion and secured a transfer to a hospital in Cape Town.

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Letters to Kuwait by Carlos...

One day I suddenly thought, “My goodness, where’s Gareth?” So, I started looking. Last I heard, he was working with the British Army in Iraq, doing long stints: I tracked him down to prison cell in Kuwait. He had been used as a drug mule, nabbed and sentenced to death by hanging. His death was commuted to life and then further reduced to 15 years. When I located him, he had already been inside for four years. Thereafter I sent him a letter, every month, for 67 consecutive months. My Letters to Kuwait, were received by Gareth on his hidden device: news and comment on life in South Africa, my reflections on humanity and our world.

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