A wise man once said: ‘There are many pathways that lead to the top of the mountain.’ Spirituality, and belief in a deity or perhaps in many deities, is a fundamental human characteristic. Books can point to a pathway, or to one or other of the big thoroughfares, to the top of the mountain.


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100 Minutes of Grace -...

100 Minutes of grace is the personal journey of a mother that has lost her daughter un-expectantly in a bike accident. With no time to say goodbye, she was left with the pain, shock and unbelief of death. This is her journey she has walked bravely to overcome this tragic happening, to learn to adjust and start living this new type of life.

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This is an easy-to-read book explaining Christianity as it was meant to be, from a biblical perspective. It was written with an understanding of the cynicism expressed by many of the intellectual class, and therefore written with an unbiased analysis of the origin of the Bible and Christianity, including the emergence of doctrines over time. The book further explains scripture on a factual basis, without any personal interpretations outside of the written Word of God.

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God’s Promise for Families...

    How God Reveals His Presence to Us and to Our Children 

Could it be that we, as adults, often undermine God's love for our children and limit His presence in their lives because of our own hurts and pain? In desperate times where broken families, teen suicide, abortion, AIDS, and other issues are on the rise, how can you raise your children to be Godly, yet not religious, and teach them to have a healthy long-lasting relationship in their marriage?

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I never saw her eyes

I Never Saw Her Eyes is for anyone who has had to say an earthly goodbye to a loved one and the people supporting anyone going through loss. Anyone who has suffered loss can gain from the insights about grief and healing. It also gives a fresh perspective on how discovering one’s true identity and purposeful living can enhance one’s quality of life. This book includes a chapter Keletso wrote from her husband’s perspective on their daughter’s loss, highlighting the importance of allowing men to grieve and giving them a voice regarding child loss and fertility challenges.

Keletso “Sister K” Yende is an Author, Mentor, Speaker and Pastor who helps people discover their true identity and purpose in order to live their best lives. 

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MISSING JESUS - Finding the...

You will love how this guidebook leads you on the exciting journey of getting to know Jesus better. You will come to appreciate the relevance of Jesus to all dimensions of life today – inclusive of the social, spiritual, economic, political, relational and ecological realities. John Wessels has consistently developed and taught the contents of this guidebook in courses since the year 2000. Over the years since then he has often re-written, enlarged and refined the guidebook. Now, nineteen years after the start of this project, he has decided it is ready for publication.

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Now That I Am a Man -...

Monelo was fourteen years old when he committed to a Pentecostal church. In this book he explores the consequences of the darker side of Pentecostalism in South Africa: the flawed leadership models, the objectionable conduct of foreign nationals, and the financial greed that characterises some Pentecostal churches. This is a gripping and personal account which is set against the backdrop of the author’s challenging family dynamics, the evolution of his faith in God, and a growing understanding of himself and the world as he matured into a man, a husband and a father.

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In not-for-profit organisations, everyone wants to be a leader, but nobody wants to be held accountable. Many persons who accept being nominated and getting elected as lay leaders in the Anglican Church, fail the test of accountability, dedication and trustworthiness to fulfil their responsibilities as churchwardens and/or parish councilors. 

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We are all here by Sbu Ngubane

This book provides perspectives that bring home the reality that amidst the gamut of challenges that we may be going through, someone else is also going through the same, if not worse. When we are overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of life, what

tends to plunge us into an abyss of hopelessness is a feeling of solitude, a feeling that we are all by ourselves and no one can relate.

The book rekindles hope and equips the reader to discover a different meaning to life and start seeing life, things and events through the eye of meaningful purpose, while their faith is being restored through the healing nuggets shared in this book.

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Yesterday I cried by Sbu...

In this book, Sbu takes you on a journey of spiritual, psychological and emotional catharsis. One that begins with getting into your shoes and mapping out a universe of life’s ordeals that has left you broken and shattered.

He rekindles hope by walking you through a series of perspective-altering antidotes. The book takes you from the valley of tears to a place of refreshing springs.

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