There’s a lot to see and experience in the world. Travel books broaden horizons and introduce parts of the human experience that might be foreign, or achingly familiar, to our own. At the core, the human family is not as diverse as we sometimes think.


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Africa in my Heart - A...

I am greeted by the petrifying sight of thirty or sixty or seventy buffalo looming large at a distance, each of them staring at me. Just staring would be okay; I could handle that. But these are also coming at me.

I just stand there turned to stone, waiting for something to happen – something other, that is, than having a herd of cape buffalo running toward me. If it weren't for Peter, they surely would have trampled me to death. Fortunately, he recollects himself just in time to yell at me to get my ass behind the tree.

The tree. Hmm . . . What tree?

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African Epic by Neil...

African Epic is a photographic collection, capturing the allure of the Untamed African Mountain Bike Race. Every year, the event produces great stories of personal triumph, inspiration, honour, the settling of old scores, and rising above adversity. This book will inspire you to join the journey of the Absa Cape Epic, whether it’s blazing the trail at next year’s race or watching from the comfort of your armchair, witnessing this great tale unfold.

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After the Dance

In April 1994, South Africa stepped back from the slough of endemic violence and danced its first bold dance with constitutional democracy. Millions of people entered into a state of euphoric rejoicing. The date marked the end of the apartheid past and the beginning of a brave new future.

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From Journeys to Words -...

Here are two Ugandan women, both of whom married European diplomats – one representing Belgium and the other France – and as a consequence both found themselves committed to unusual lives as wives and mothers – from the shores of the tiny Comoros Islands, through the restless streets of Beirut and Dhaka, to the gigantic Middle Kingdom of China.


This delightful book is a collection of Pearl and Julie’s personal stories on their journey as expat spouses. They have “Bonjour’d”, “Ni Hao’d”, “Kemon Achen’d” and “Salaam Alaikum’d” their way through a fascinating variety of countries, bypassed some pesky firewalls, ordered food in languages they don’t speak, tasted a few quirky meals, and survived some dodgy economic and political crises.


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Mahwaqa Revealed - A guide...

When Esther Alm and her husband settled in Bulwer in the South African province of KwaZulu Natal in 1980 they immediately began to explore their environment. They had spent holidays in the area before - and had already climbed Mahwaqa (Bulwer mountain) several times. Esther writes: 'From those early days right up to my last climb in 2010, I kept dated records of what we saw and experienced. When I looked at these records again, I could calculate that I had climbed to the summit of the mountain over 600 times in the nearly 30 years I lived in Bulwer.'

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Newlands to Twickenham -...

A bucket list drive through Africa and Europe.

Two South African rugby fans drive from Newlands to Twickenham to witness the 2015 Rugby World Cup. This absorbing read – it’s a travel book with an oval shaped heart – reveals their varied experiences on the road. Not only does it contain many adventures and humorous stories but it’s also well illustrated and includes useful information on routes, distances travelled, places to stay, to eat, pitfalls to avoid, as well as detailed budgets and actual costs incurred. This is a must-read for everyone interested in overlanding through Africa. What an amazing way to get to a rugby game!

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REMOTE: A Story of St...

The small Island of St Helena, flung away in mid-South Atlantic Ocean, is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world – its loneliness breeding a phlegmatic populace as famous for friendliness as the island itself is known for stunning scenery and a captivating history.

Small wonder, then, that the author – in love with St Helena from an early age – resolved to buy a second family home there in 1999, and found herself living there for nearly ten years while her family “commuted” back and forth from Cape Town on the RMS St Helena - the only ship that serves the island.

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Searching Africa - Classic...

After the return to South Africa from the international family, it became possible for David Robbins to travel regularly in other parts of Africa. He had at last, he said been released from the bondage of apartheid into his broader home. The result of this release is Searching Africa, containing over twenty travel narratives that take the reader from the continent’s expiring settler south to the Sahara and beyond.

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In 2016, Annemarie Terblanche moved continents for the third time in her adult life. Newly arrived in Europe, this documentary filmmaker took her smartphone and her curiosity and began to travel across the continent, discovering communities, cultures, histories, and streets old – and older. Street Stories of Europe is a book-length photo collage and written account reflecting on these travels

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Taj Mahal And Tea


A funny, heartfelt adventure of selfies, surprises and self-realisation that will inspire and  and delight you. Discover how change can occur at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways and how a disciplined, successful, corporate CEO ended up having an uninhibited, life-altering grand adventure in a country of chili and chai.

Experience the light and colour of Diwali and Holi celebrations and marvel at the vibrant history, architecture and culinary delights of India. An enlightening and uplifting celebration of the bonds of friendship and life in all its diversity.


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Walking to Australia...

Walking to Australia describes a 21st-century journey which roughly follows the direction taken by anatomically modern humans who, some scientists conjecture, left the African nursery around 85-thousand years ago in search of survival, and who reached Australia 20-thousand years later.

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