We live in an interesting mix of developed world sophistication and developing world imperatives. We also live in a world that is facing the 4th industrial revolution. This will mean a loss of traditional jobs and the heightened importance of entrepreneurship. We are living in the middle of an African Renaissance, yet unemployment and poverty are always close by. In this environment the idea of ‘doing business’ must take centre stage.   


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Common Acts of Significant...

    Common Acts of Significant Employees: Heal the ‘Marikana’ in Your Workplace - Every workplace is a potential ’MARIKANA’ – a place where tension brews and threatens to erupt and disrupt, if ignored. YOU, the employee, can change that. No employee joins the workplace thinking: ‘I can’t wait to one day hate my job, be a demanding, depressed, stressed-out and unproductive employee with a bad and negative attitude towards my work, colleagues, superior and clients.’

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Competence is one of those terms used frequently in a variety of contexts without a practical and usable definition. In all walks of life, but particularly in the work environment, competence is a foundation for success and a sense of accomplishment.

This book puts a stake in the ground and clearly defines what the five elements of competency are. It then expands each sphere so that the reader not only broadens their understanding, but is able to actively start developing themselves, their teams, and the people in their lives in the various areas.

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If you are a game changer who wants to enter or expand your business into the African market, but do not yet have the local knowledge and capabilities, this book is for YOU!  It’s personal  and expert insights are both theoretical and practical, that apply to both African and global organisations looking to navigate Africa.

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THIS IS A BOOK THAT ANYONE WITH ASSETS SHOULD READ. Written by Trust Specialist, Mervin Messias, it is the culmination of knowledge and expertise that has been acquired over many years’ study and practice of Trust law. 

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Government Tenders don't...

Are you struggling to understand how to do business with Government? Does responding to Government Requests for Proposals leave you feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed?

Did you know that every Request for Proposal (RFP) is won way before it is ever published? Or that there are proposal evaluators who do not read your entire proposal response and yet they still score it?

Government Tenders Don’t Suck! is a no-nonsense playbook for the overwhelmed small business owner who wants to navigate the complicated government tendering process and win.

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Hands Off! Overcoming...

In this book, Regina opens up on a subject matter that is usually shrouded in controversy. She bares it all out exposing deeply ingrained issues around sexual harassment in the workplace.

She practically provides details that, in most cases, go unreported due to fears of ‘stereotypes’ the victim is likely to suffer as a backlash effect. Regina provides a balanced view on this workplace malice as she articulates the different techniques used by perpetrators of sexual harassment on victims who can be either male or female.

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I am Pregnant - Business,...

Pregnancy is one of life’s greatest miracles and it carries valuable life lessons and strategies that can help you realize your full potential. Join Dr. Kula as he traces the journey of pregnancy from desire to conception; from early development to giving birth and ultimately to cutting of the umbilical cord.

Dr. Kula uses his many years of experience as a medical doctor to decode what the various stages of pregnancy mean for your personal, business and leadership development.

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Live & Lead - Discover your...

Intrigued by the question, ‘How do you prepare a leader for a path that he will travel only once?’ Coen Bester set out on a discovery journey to find a credible solution to this challenge. Inspired by the power and elegance of the modern day GPS, he came up with the human equivalent of a GPS – the Personal Guidance System, or PGS. He takes the reader along a fascinating journey of self-discovery as he puts the device together in true engineering fashion. 

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My Boss The Bully - Human...

The journey of Pam is sure to send chills to many working professionals and cause self-introspective uneasiness to any person in a managerial position. My Boss, the Bully, is a must-read for any Human Resources practitioner and leader in business. It is packed with chilling revelations on corporate maladies and how shareholders can be duped when they place the wrong people in leadership positions. The book also provides important lessons on how to survive bully bosses and create the best possible Human Resources environment.

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Persuasion Games - Learn...

You are playing persuasion games all the time, whether you realise it or not. Now, for the first time, one of the world’s top mentalists teaches YOU the hidden secrets of persuasion and influence that will enhance your personal, social and  professional life.

In this remarkable and exciting book, acclaimed mentalist and trainer GilanGork reveals the powerful psychology of subtle, successful persuasion that you can use on your clients, colleagues, family, friends… and even complete strangers!

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The 21st Century Business...

The 21st century business model isn’t perfect, but it’s better than languishing in the never-ending unemployment queues. 21st century entrepreneurs can choose to work from home. They can even change countries without changing their source of income.


From this book you will learn all about the current and coming threats to job security and why you should consider becoming being entrepreneurial. There’s a chapter on the three common ways people get into entrepreneurship, and another on how to become and remain a 21st century entrepreneur. There are a couple of bonuses too. Find out why you should care about Bitcoin, and what on earth is DeFi? Apart, that is, from being new-speak for decentralised finance.

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