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Outreach - A South African...

The William Humphreys Art Gallery (WHAG) in Kimberley is South Africa’s smallest nationally funded gallery. It is also the country’s most dynamic and innovative in terms of its response to the changing socio-political terrain in which it has operated during its 60-year life. From its origins as a typical colonial repository of imported culture, WHAG now holds one of the finest collections of the diverse streams of South African art. It also runs unique projects which have transformed the gallery from an isolated cultural enclave into the nerve centre for thriving outreach in the most desolate and marginalised – and starkly beautiful – region of the country’s hinterland.

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Speaking as I Want by Salim...

Speaking as I Want is the outcome of conversations between a father (lecturer) and a daughter (student) on life and living in a period of intellectual uncertainty within and outside of universities. It seeks to provoke wider reflection on the way we live and the narratives that currently influence us.

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The Bubbles Float Over the...

Grandparents’ views about life, and their hopes for their grandchildren. 

When my four year old grandchild blows bubbles, she says she thinks the bubbles float over the stars. I ask her what she means, and she says she thinks the bubbles float very high. I ask if they float as high as the stars, and she says they float over the stars. She feels profoundly heard, and this is a gift that I as her grandmother can give her.

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The Moral Status and Rights...

Do other-than-human animals matter morally? Most, if not all, reasonable people think they do. But, if they can be shown to possess characteristics and abilities that would qualify them for having moral standing, what exactly is the extent of this status?

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The Storks did not Return...

The arrival of storks had heralded spring in Wiktorowka ever since the village was founded. When they arrived in 1940, it was to a scene of total destruction, as all the villagers had been loaded onto cattle trucks and displaced hundreds of kilometres to the icy gulags of Siberia, never to return to their homes in north-western Ukraine.

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