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A Feather’s Tale by...

A feather’s journey starts when it becomes detached from its source, the Blue Crane - South Africa’s National bird. Eleven-year-old author, Ammaarah, uses her imagination to describe the feather’s journey through the African savannah. The feather symbolizes the commonality of all the elements of nature: existence.

Where will the feather end up?

Price R182.61

Biskit en die Boomhuis deur...

Biskit woon saam met sy kwaai tannie Ursula in die stad. Maar sy beste plek is by sy geliefde oupa in ‘n boomhuis langs die meer. Oupa se vreemde manier van leef dryf sy tannie tot raserny. Sy probeer Biskit keer om by Oupa te kom.

Asof dit nie erg genoeg is nie, is daar nog die vreesaanjaende voëlman wat dalk beplan om Biskit in die pot te gooi. Kan Biskit en sy maatjie, Ama, vir eens en vir altyd van tannie Ursula ontslae raak?

Price R113.04

Chuck The Cheetah

Chuck was the fastest cheetah in the land but he was very arrogant and full of himself. This is a story about winning and losing gracefully and the disadvantages and dangers of being too proud.

Price R112.17

Donk and the Stubborn Donkeys

Another in the series of children's books by the best-selling author who hails from Zambia. Donk and the stubborn donkeys tells the story of a frustrated farmer who kept shouting at his donkeys because they were so stubborn. One of the younger donkeys - his name was Donk - became curious. Why are we so stubborn? This was the question he asked his older brothers, then his older sisters, but received no satisfactory replies. Then he met the fairy donkey who had wings and could fly and do loop-da-loops. After a lengthy conversation the fairy donkey gave a very wise reply, then flapped his wings and was gone. But what did the fairy donkey say which so satisfied young Donk? You'll have to read the book to find out. 

Price R86.96

Einstein’s Instant English...

Einstein’s Instant English is an extraordinary, funfilled Edutainment book for young children, teens or adults learning English as a second language. To learn a rhyme takes little time It’s a way to train the brain And a fascinating game.

Price R130.43

First Piano Lesson for Tiny...

First Piano Lesson for Tiny Tots: The method used in this book does NOT require t the need for a Piano.

Three year old twins, Tshepi and Sipho, receive a gift of a piano from their father.. Realising that small children have a natural ability to soak up and store information, their mother spends quality time with them, teaching them the names of some keyboard notes in an interesting and fun way. She uses the same method to teach them about the stave on which music is written and how to read a few notes.

Price R113.04

Harry, The Honest Horse

Harry the Honest Horse is a delightful story that addresses important concepts such as not letting a joke go too far, and the value of being a champion for the truth, no matter how hard it may be sometimes. The fun-loving friends in the story are relatable to young readers, who will no doubt empathise with Harry when faced with the difficult decision of keeping his loyalty to a good friend versus standing up for what he knows is right. An all-round happy ending confirms to the young reader that honesty is always the best policy!

Price R86.96

Inheritance - Journey of...

Phillip must learn to master his new power. Or die trying. Phillip's search for power has led to increased tensions between the Conqour Kingdom and the Mytcene Kingdom. In order to prepare for the worst, the king has decided to secure his borders. Phillip's brother, Captain Wesley Jones, has been chosen to complete this task and he wants Phillip's help. After receiving the power of soul, Phillip must now learn to make the gift his own. 

Price R139.13

My Family of Superheroes

This profusely illustrated children's book is about self-belief. It tells the story of an ordinary family discovering their super powers. Join Precious, the young daughter, on her journey as she stumbles and falls, conquers her fears, finds courage, and discovers the superhero that has always been inside her.

‘This story serves,’ the author’s dedication says, ‘as a tool to introduce the concept of positive affirmations to children. This will develop their courage and boost their self-confidence with the aim of bringing forth the greatness which they are destined for. As you read the story to children, you are reminded of this invaluable tool.’ What’s this tool? Every morning, say to yourself: ‘I am strong, I am capable, I am enough, I can do anything with the power in inside.’

Price R129.57