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Pre-School 1 - 5

Porcupine hopes all parents are reading to their children. Being read to as a child is the gateway to literacy and a lifetime of reading. Reading aloud is wonderful for a child – and it can be wonderful for parents as well. It gives rise to an almost hallowed intimacy that is habit-forming.

Pre-School 1 - 5

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Chuck The Cheetah

Chuck was the fastest cheetah in the land but he was very arrogant and full of himself. This is a story about winning and losing gracefully and the disadvantages and dangers of being too proud.

Price R112.17

Donk and the Stubborn Donkeys

Another in the series of children's books by the best-selling author who hails from Zambia. Donk and the stubborn donkeys tells the story of a frustrated farmer who kept shouting at his donkeys because they were so stubborn. One of the younger donkeys - his name was Donk - became curious. Why are we so stubborn? This was the question he asked his older brothers, then his older sisters, but received no satisfactory replies. Then he met the fairy donkey who had wings and could fly and do loop-da-loops. After a lengthy conversation the fairy donkey gave a very wise reply, then flapped his wings and was gone. But what did the fairy donkey say which so satisfied young Donk? You'll have to read the book to find out. 

Price R86.96

Harry, The Honest Horse

Harry the Honest Horse is a delightful story that addresses important concepts such as not letting a joke go too far, and the value of being a champion for the truth, no matter how hard it may be sometimes. The fun-loving friends in the story are relatable to young readers, who will no doubt empathise with Harry when faced with the difficult decision of keeping his loyalty to a good friend versus standing up for what he knows is right. An all-round happy ending confirms to the young reader that honesty is always the best policy!

Price R86.96

Tiseke - My Family’s Many...

What child does not love being read to at bedtime? Make time, Mom and Dad. This is a lovely story for parents to share with young children. It’s about Tiseke, a seven-year-old with a South African mother and a Zimbabwean father

Price R256.52