Primary 6 - 10

The child who is ready to will become a teenage reader. They’ll be looking for stronger material now, for the excitement of knowledge and a broader view. Make sure it’s available. From there, the sky will become the limit.

Primary 6 - 10

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Biskit en die Boomhuis deur...

Biskit woon saam met sy kwaai tannie Ursula in die stad. Maar sy beste plek is by sy geliefde oupa in ‘n boomhuis langs die meer. Oupa se vreemde manier van leef dryf sy tannie tot raserny. Sy probeer Biskit keer om by Oupa te kom.

Asof dit nie erg genoeg is nie, is daar nog die vreesaanjaende voëlman wat dalk beplan om Biskit in die pot te gooi. Kan Biskit en sy maatjie, Ama, vir eens en vir altyd van tannie Ursula ontslae raak?

Price ZAR113.04

Einstein’s Instant English...

Einstein’s Instant English is an extraordinary, funfilled Edutainment book for young children, teens or adults learning English as a second language. To learn a rhyme takes little time It’s a way to train the brain And a fascinating game.

Price ZAR130.43

Gelukkige Yosh deur Pauline...

Spandeer ‘n bietjie tyd saam met Yosh, terwyl hy gesels or sy emosies!

Hierdie interaktiewe boek vir jong kinders om basiese beginsels vir emosionele intelligensie neer te lê. Die kinders kry leiding on hul emosies te identifiseer en te ervaar hoe hul denke hul kan lei na ’n Gelukkige plek.

Die boek kan gebruik word vir ‘n individu of in groepsverband, om kinders die geleentheid te gee om te leer van ander se emosies en ervarings.

Price ZAR121.74

Happy Yosh by Pauline Gerson

Come and spend some time with Yosh as he talks about emotions! This is an interactive book for the early years, helping to lay a foundation for emotional intelligence as children are guided to identify basic emotions and experience how their

thinking can lead them to a happier space.

This book can be used either to a guide a more in-depth individual conversation with a child or learn from shared experiences with a group of children.

Price ZAR121.74

Little Santa - The Perfect...

Little Santa – A boy starts his day like any other, but little does he know, that a seemingly accidental bump in with Mr Cumberbatch is about to change his life and the course of history forever. This is where it all begins.

Price ZAR113.04

Little Santa: The Prophecy...

Little Santa – The Prophecy – “Something is about to happen. Something big I can feel it.”

Santa finally gets his wish. He is about to find out about The Prophecy. His Prophecy. The question is, will he like what he hears? Will he fulfil it?

Price ZAR113.04

Little Santa: The Secret in...

Little Santa – The Secret in the Woods – There is a secret in the dark woods. A turn of unfortunate events at the hands of a school bully, land Santa and his best friend Rudolph smack dab in the centre of the woods. They are about to discover its well-kept secret. Will it bring more misfortune or good luck?

Price ZAR113.04