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GRIEF AND GRACE is the account of a six-month period in Tim Tucker’s life when he faced the unimaginable; losing his 38-year-old wife to a brain aneurysm.

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Magirus - The Story of a...

This autobiographical account is a book about a young man’s journey from teen-hood to adulthood over a period of 2 years in the SANDF during the mid-70. The journey briefly traces the author’s initiation into the armed forces, the heartbreak of having the tenure in the army increased from one to two years, the hopes of a transfer closer to home and to the entertainment corps, cruelly dashed in a 24 hour change of mind, the hopelessness of a bleak National Service in a dead-end  situation, and the sudden change of fortune for the better.

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Pilgrimage to Grace - The...

I needed to remove the heavy bolts and guards that blocked the memories, until all that remained was this – my actual thoughts of how I experienced the storm. This is my personal truth.


Hannelie Viviers was diagnosed with bipolar depression in 1998 after a manic episode. She had been a homemaker with two toddlers. At the institution to which she was admitted she made a vow to find work. This resulted after many setbacks in her qualifying as an accountant. But the massive depression spider was never far away and always ready with its venom.
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Weapons of Peace by Peter...

Set in South Africa in the period 1800-1852, Weapons of Peace is based on the lives of early missionaries William and Johanna Anderson.

It is a thrilling story of adventure, trial, romance, tragedy and faith.

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What I Wore Being Black and...


‘My struggles with mental illness were in some ways like a child crying out for attention; more than that they were a cry for help from the mind I felt trapped in. There was a darkness in me that many times swallowed me whole.’

This is how Keamogetswe Bopalamo introduces her account of her troubled early life. It is an intensely personal account, and yet it speaks to a reality much broader than itself. In the exciting whirl of South Africa’s post-apartheid society, there is this darker side: the confusions, the fears, the rebellions, the degradations and emotional pain.

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