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Teenage Fiction

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Inheritance - Journey of...

Phillip must learn to master his new power. Or die trying. Phillip's search for power has led to increased tensions between the Conqour Kingdom and the Mytcene Kingdom. In order to prepare for the worst, the king has decided to secure his borders. Phillip's brother, Captain Wesley Jones, has been chosen to complete this task and he wants Phillip's help. After receiving the power of soul, Phillip must now learn to make the gift his own. 

Price R139.13

The adventures of Malawi -...

Malawi is an average, misunderstood teenager until a reckless accident in a science lab turns her whole life upside down.

She finds herself floating out of windows, wearing heavy shoes and training alongside the Bizzaro Alliance , a select (and special) group of super heroines fighting against crime and injustice.

Join Malawi and her friends on the adventure of a lifetime.

Price R104.35