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Harnessing the Thunder


 Covid-19 amplified the seismic rumblings of South Africa’s divided society. Out of the limelight and away from corruption scandals, a vast network of civil society organisations mobilised as the pandemic approached. They harnessed the thunder, directing attention to people who are usually not seen or heard – compelling the nation to take a long, hard look at itself.


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No White Lies

No White Lies is a refreshing treatise on Post-1994 South Africa.

‘It is difficult to find a more honest and brutal assessment of South Africa’s new political dispensation.

Kim writes that “the Rainbow Nation, consummated without revolutionary romance in 1994, has since been unmasked as a deceptive act of seduction to ensure that white power and privilege maintained a choke on the throat of the South African economy”.  For those that wallow in ideological confusion and limbo, these articles should serve as an antidote to the emasculation of the South African revolution. For now, black politics is entangled in apartheid thinking, with no possibility of escaping colonial entrapment.’ – Professor Sipho Seepe

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Shattering Zionist Myths -...

AN IMPORTANT COLONIAL EXPOSE. This book asserts that the dominant Israeli narrative prevail-ant in the world today - and since 1948- has obscured the fundamental problem facing Palestinians huddled into their occupied territories. The problem, now of deepening international concern, is that of a Zionist settler colonialism aided primarily by the Western democracies. This host dissects a frequent asked questions and explores a web of myths and fabrications spun by Zionists over many decades. The tone is calm and factual, and the conclusion sufficiently disturbing to raise a final question: How much longer can the Palestinian problem remain intractable? 

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The Accidental Frontline...

Television came late to apartheid South Africa. By the early 1980s the state-owned broadcaster was ready to expand the network to include the black majority. There were sound economic and propagandist reasons for this.  Msibi was among those recruited to be trained as technicians, journalists, and cameramen. The irony was that this enterprise coincided with the sustained popular uprising that finally led to the end of white minority rule. So the new generation of black television journalists went back into their own townships and ‘homelands’ to record, like no-one else could, the rising resentment and the reciprocal repressions that characterised large swathes of the country in the 1980s and early 1990s.

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The Missing Millions

This is a story about the landlessness & poverty that plague working-class black people in South Africa, & the plan devised by entrepreneurs to overcome this. The title suggests a heist, but it should be read against the biggest land grab to have occurred in our country’s history: the Natives Land Act of 1913.

In this book, they confront some of the conundrums that persist in modern-day South Africa, & the impact these have on the country’s missing millions. The question that ultimately arises is whether government should reconsider its approach to the land question by accommodating the views expressed here. These men offer government & other stakeholders a sustainable economic strategy for remedying persistent wealth disparities between black & white South Africans.

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