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The world of wealthy families & family offices is filled with complexities & changing variables. However, the principles of creating & maintaining wealth for the family remain a constant. What should also be part of that constant is the defined higher purpose of the family to navigate the terrain of opportunities that wealth brings & how a difference can be made in humanity. The current plethora of literature tends to be geographically focused on the United States. In this guide, we endeavor to be as inclusive as possible, to be internationally encompassing & to capture other parts of the world by using examples we & our peers have encountered in the international arena. The topics covered in this guide are varied but are all rooted in issues relevant to wealthy families.

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This book presents the reader with powerful ideas and some basic principles you need to ‘to get out of any financial situation’ and thrive. Are you tired of being shackled by debt? Asks the author. Do you feel that your finances are constantly slipping in and out of your control? Are you ready to start building wealth and seeing real results in your quest for financial freedom? Read about the strategies, the habits, and above all the attitude, that are necessary to change that essential relationship we all have with money from one that is stressful to one of greater control and prosperity.  

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