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Kate Shuttleworth Langa is a business woman, entrepreneur and raconteur who attended the University of Natal (Faculty of Law) and the University of Life (MA Hard Knocks, D Phil Survival). In the late nineties Kate wrote and published a number of short stories in Drum, You, Personality and People’s Friend.

Kate’s stories are drawn from a rich and varied career, from serving in the SADF to trading in Soweto. Today Kate runs Marvellous Maids which she started from scratch. Now a firmly established brand and with her daughters firmly at the helm of Marvellous Maids it is time for Kate to step into the next square in her checkered career, that of published author.

Kate was the recipient of the Top Women in Business and Government Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008 and has featured in the Nedbank Book of Women.

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My Cousin’s Cousin -...

My Cousin’s Cousin delves into South Africa at a crossroads, potentially explosive and destined for change. In My Cousin’s Cousin we see how the different members of an extended family form their differing beliefs and how their journey across the volatile political landscape of the sixties through to the nineties brings them into conflict with each other and the regime.

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